Sunday, July 31, 2011

The After Beach Bath

One of the best kinds!

Saturday, July 30, 2011


Thumb sucker that is! We discovered one in our home...her name is Lexi. I noticed my little mookie sucking her thumb aggressively about two weeks ago - just about the time she consistently started sleeping through the night (usually from 8pm-8am, although she is still sleeping now and it is past 9!). I hear her stir in her room around 6am for about 5 minutes until she finds her thumb and then back to sleep she goes.
I'm hoping the thumb sucking is just a phase and not something we will have to break later.
But for right now, I think it is so darn cute!
This lazy Saturday morning...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Just Another Day at the Beach!

I seriously can't remember the last time I went to the beach as much as I have been this month. Probably back in grade school. I find it the easiest place to take both kids. Well, quite honestly it isn't very easy getting there or packing up - but the actual beach time is so awesome it's worth the work. Lexi always falls asleep at the beach, waking up to eat every once in awhile and then quickly getting back to her Z's. Declan loves playing at the edge of the surf, but doesn't go all of the way in. The balance between the two kiddos is perfect! Plus, Declan burns off so much energy his afternoon naps are killer. Here are a few highlights.

My friend Jen told me about Baby Beach in Dana Point - it is awesome! Easy parking and access, no waves - it doesn't get much better than this! It has become a regular Friday play date!
Buccaneer Beach in Oceanside with Kady, Samantha, Misty, Jacob, Katelyn, Nicole, Tracy, and Katie.
Moonlight in Encinitas with Mimi. We made some friends that day who taught Declan all about sand crabs - the kid was nothing short of mesmerized!
Moonlight with Daddy - nothing beats a little fun in the sun and surf with Declan's hero!
A play date at Moonlight with Ellie and Lola. I actually brought the baby pool for Lexi. I thought it might be fun for her to get wet. But the girl slept the entire time we were there! Even as the three toddlers investigated the younger addition. I kid you not. It must be the sound of the waves...? And I am certainly not one to wake a sleeping baby! Oh well, Lola and Dec benefited. :)
We went to Buccaneer Beach with my friend Casey today and Declan immediately befriended this group of boys. I've never seen him go this far into the water on his own. I think he thought he was 10 years old! I was so proud of him. We'll definitely have to start swimming lessons next spring - this kid is fearless!
What I've noticed on all of our beach outings is how well the kids play together. It is really something to watch the interaction of the little ones and how each day is so different in the games they make up and how they play. The only constant is that they always have fun. This summer is shaping up to be nothing short of magical!

On a completely separate note, today is the 26th. Which means that Declan is 28 months...and I'm not doing his monthly update. This is hard for me to let go of, but it is time. (Mmmm - I'm not going to have a hard time letting go when he leaves for college am I? Ha ha!) Anyway, I will wish my bug a happy 28 months!
As usual Declan your growth, spirit, and gregarious personality make me glow inside! Thanks for another spectacular month filled with so many heart warming moments! I love you!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Kids Say the Darndest Things - Videos

Declan is slowly letting us into his world of words...and it is so darn cute! We can't get enough of this little guys voice! I wish I have more on video because there is no way to write how cute his emphasis is. Like when he says "choooooo chooooooooooo!" or "It's amazinc" (it's amazing). When he says "sinna" for sorry, "bess you" when Lexi sneezes, or "eesh you" for thank you, it just melts my heart! Especially when he voluntarily say thank you without me having to remind him. Although he will pretty much attempt any word we ask him to say, we are constantly having to remind him to use his words to communicate. We force him to ask for things by with-holding whatever he wants until he says it and there is a lot of repetition with words happening in our home these days to help the little guy along. This kid is a lot of things, but chatterbox is not one of them. That's okay by me. Each time he attempts to communicate or begins regularly using a new phrase or word, it is pretty darn exciting!
Below are a sprinkling of videos showing what's on Dec's mind these days. :)

"I stuck, help"
"I did it!"
"Cheese, pizza"

My absolute favorite is when I read to Declan at night and then give him the book, he turns the pages and starts jabbering away. In his jibber-jabber I recognize words every few seconds. The whole exercise just cracks me up - he is communicating so fervently - I can't wait to understand all of what he is saying one day!

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Today Lexi and I got to meet Lexi's best friend (forever) & Micah's new sister- Kylie Noelle Jones! The two girls are almost exactly three months apart. Kylie was born on Saturday, July 16th - weighing 8 lbs 4 oz, measuring 20 inches in length, and sporting a fantastic head of hair! We are so excited for the Jones family and can't wait for our first play date with the four kiddos! Lexi will finally have a bud to hang with in her beach tent. :)
In other news, Lexi rolled again tonight! This time from back to tummy. Again, no video. :( 
This girl is on a roll (pun intended!).

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bean Pole

No, I'm not talking about Dec - although he certainly is these days! At 35" and 25 pounds - the kid could be considered a very cute bean pole! Ha, ha! Anyway, I'm talking about a fun project I did with my bean pole. I borrowed the idea off Kyndal's blog (in case you haven't noticed, she is my bloggy/mommy guru!)

A few weeks ago I purchased a bag of beans from Trader Joes with the intention of growing a plant with Declan. I thought he would be totally into it, but his attention was focused on moving the beans with his trucks!
And making bean soup :)
So, the task of choosing beans to sprout was left to me!
Our bean friends - Kidney, Turtle, Lima
And so begins our bean experiment:
When we returned home from our 4th of July weekend in Oxnard, we had sprouts!! Declan began taking more interest at this point.
July 5, 2011
Time to plant our sprouts!!
Now we wait!
 Here we are waiting - tick, tock, tick, tock...
Within a few days we saw a plant
July 8, 2011
Mr. Lima made it! Unfortunately Turtle and Kidney failed. :( Even after waiting a few days. Oh well. We cut our losses and focused on Lima.
I think Declan's favorite part of the project was decorating Lima's new home:
We planted Lima, gave him some water...
And put him in a new place in our backyard to grow and flourish!
So with this little exercise, my suspicions were confirmed - I DO NOT have a green all! In fact, the Lima plant that is growing the best is the one that was inadvertently planted in our grass from cleaning up our backyard bean mess when we first started this project.
Warning: If you bring a plant to our house, we cannot be responsible for its future!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Three Months

Lexi Love, we've already hit month three!
And there are so many changes we are beginning to see.

Like your recent habit of chewing, especially your fingers,
Also tilting your head to the right as we chat while smiling and letting your eyes linger.

Speaking of "talking" it's my favorite way to spend time with you.
I feel so connected by your facial expressions and the way you respond with "coos".

You're so alert - twisting your body to find the source of a sound.
Your eyes follow your brother with curiosity as he runs around.

Although you still sleep a lot, you've become quite physical my sweet little doll.
Especially during tummy time, you move so much it looks like you are trying to crawl.

At 12 weeks you surprised us by rolling from tummy to back.
From day one we knew strength is not something you lack.

My beach baby, you love falling asleep to the sound of waves.
Dipping your toes in the ocean is a memory I cherish and save.

Weighing 13 pounds, you're growing so fast,
As of last week, size one diapers and 0-3 month clothing are items of the past.

My happy girl, a smile is never far from your face.
Your charming personality we gladly embrace.

Lexi, as hard as I try I cannot find words to describe how much I love you.
Lately gazing into those big, beautiful eyes is all I want to do.

Each day my love for you grows more and more!
Tomorrow we begin the exciting journey of month four!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lexi's Baptism

Yesterday Lexi was baptized at the San Luis Rey Mission (the same church where Declan was baptized almost exactly two years ago). It was a beautiful ceremony. One that Lexi was lucky enough to share with her two cousins, Ella and Quinn.

Brian Rowe (Godfather and Adam's good friend of 20 years), Dec, Adam, Father Chuck, Lexi, Me, and Kristin Abbott (Godmother, Adam's sister, Lexi's aunt, my friend of almost 8 years, and sister-in-law)
Lexi's baptismal gown is 84 years old. My maternal grandmother Elizabeth (who Lexi is named after) was the first to be baptized in the gown; my 8 uncles, 2 aunts, mother, all of my cousins, myself, my brother, and Declan were also all baptized in the gown. And of course, most recently Lexi.
 I was honored to stand by Ella Grace as her Godmother as she was baptized
 Kristin bought all three girls a beautiful bracelet and Lexi a cross to celebrate the day. I think Lexi digs her bracelet. :)
Aunt Amanda bought all three girls matching flowers for their hair -
Adam and Brian
Our big group, including Ella, Lexi, Quinn, the parents, and Godparents.
Brian, Adam, Me, Lexi, Kristin, Ella, Mike, Amanda, Garrett, Quinn, Roseanna, and Matt
The grandmothers
G-Mom, Dec, Adam, Grandpop, Mimi, Lexi, Me, Brian, Kristin
Our little family. :)
Declan was pretty good during the ceremony. Although he did have an affinity toward running up the alter. Mimi did a fabulous job of watching him, while taking so many great pics! Thank you Mimi!!
My little man
The first four - Declan, Zack, Emma, and Lily
After the ceremony we headed back to Krissy and Mikes to celebrate
This is also where we snapped the picture of the day. Of course we had to get a picture of all three girls in their bows! The first of what I'm sure will be many pictures of these three!
Lexi (3 months), Ella (5 months), Quinn (1 month)
Oh, the drama!!

Congratulations my sweet little Lexi!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Tummy Time - Videos

Most of the time our little Lex loves her tummy time!

But, every once in awhile I let her go a little too long and we end up with mad tummy time!
(July 12th)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pools, BBQs, and a ROLL!

When it rains it pours! Over the last few days we've been to some BBQ's, hosted a BBQ, and have had some fun pool time! Have I mentioned how much we are enjoying this summer?! 
Dan and Holly invited us over on Saturday to enjoy some fun in the sun and lounge in their awesome pool. Dec, being the water bug that he is, jumped right in. Daddy had to dive in after him (fully clothed) for a quick rescue. Dec was a little more careful after that.

Dec hanging with the big boys boys (Adam, Dan, and Andy) at the BBQ
Dec enjoying some pool time (cautiously on the step)
Me and Dec
Holly and Lexi
I just love this outfit that Aunt Kristin bought for her! My intention was to take Lexi in the pool, but she fell asleep soon after we arrived and stayed asleep the entire time we were there. I didn't want to press my luck!
The next day we headed to Jeremy and Heather's to celebrate Jeremy's birthday. We saw so many good friends that we haven't seen in awhile.
Jeremy and Heather have 2 dogs. Declan has a love hate relationship with dogs. He loves them from far away, but if they get too close he is terrified..until Sunday! After a half an hour at Jeremy and Heather's I thought we were going to have to leave early. Declan was whining so much because of the dogs...we were that family. Ugh! All of a sudden someone threw a ball to one of the pups - Declan thought this was the best idea ever! He quickly got over his fear as he tossed the ball to Madeline and she chased after it. He was so amazed that the pup kept bringing it back. He would say, "ruff, ruff, ball" and laugh. Phew! Now we know, bring a ball when a dog is around and we're in the clear. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of this spectacular moment. :(
Dec had a great time with all of the kiddos at the BBQ. This car was the hit toy!
Lily and Dec playing with the BMW
Lexi Love in yet another cute outfit (compliments of Mimi). The combination of moving up to the 3-6 month size with  warmer weather has given us a multitude of new outfits to choose from! This is one of my favorites - it is so very Jacky-O! Look at that face!
Apparently Declan was feeling lovey today. Here he is giving Luke a hug. This picture was a wake up call for me! Luke is about 14 1/2 months - it seems like just yesterday Dec was this age. Until I saw him touring over Luke!
And giving adorable Isla a kiss! Such a charmer this one. :)
 On Monday Michelle and Cassidy invited us to go hang at their country club. Again, I was planning on giving Lexi her first dip, but she was a little fussy and I didn't want to risk it. I'm much more cautious and thoughtful with my choices now that I am balancing two little ones! In the evening, the Klocks came over for a BBQ. It was so fun spending the day and evening with our good friends that we don't see often enough. Another reason I love summer!
Dec and Cassidy playing in the baby pool.

The two tikes with Michelle
Later in the afternoon I was talking with Michelle on the phone about our plans that evening while watching Lexi practice tummy time. As I'm watching her I thought to myself, wow - she looks like she might roll over soon. And, boom - there she goes. Over from tummy to back. Quite frankly she shocked me - I wasn't expecting that for at least another month! Go Lexi! Unfortunately I didn't get it on film, and she hasn't done it since. But, I took a picture of her to mark the occasion (plus, I think she looks so stinking cute in this outfit). I'm hoping she does it again soon, when I am camera ready.
Mimi and Pops are in town! Today we laid pool side at their hotel - hey, we love a freebie when they come our way!
Mimi and Dec - so happy to see one another!
Pops and Lexi, chilling by the pool. (No dip for Lexi again today - we'll get there!)
Our sun bathing beauty (actually, shade bathing beauty would be a more accurate description).
Keep the fun and the sun coming!
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