Monday, June 27, 2011

Team McQueen

Oh yes! I'm talking about Lightening McQueen friends! We took Declan to his first movie theater experience this weekend. And, of course he dressed for the occasion:
One excited guy! Declan was excited too - ha, ha!
I think he wants to jump into the Cars world -
The hardest part was sitting through all of the previews. Declan was a little leery of the movie theater and definitely wanted to bolt. But, once he saw Lightening, the kid was hooked and sat through the entire show (on Daddy's lap). We had to give him a few treats to keep him in the theater prior to the movie beginning.
And our angel baby didn't make a peep. She was awake through some of it, but was sooo good!
All in all it was a fun experience and Declan definitely enjoyed it. I thought the movie was just okay compared to the first one, but who am I to judge. I think Dec would beg to differ - after all it had planes, trains, and automobiles! Enough to keep any 2 year old boy on the edge of his seat!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

27 Months

As usual Declan, you astound me at the growth you do each month. I know I say this all of the time, but as much as it excites me, I always feel a little bit sad at the baby we are quickly loosing. I can't believe a couple of months ago you were barely talking and now we are conversing! And just to drive the big boy point home, your new hair cut makes you look so much older (and pretty darn handsome, I might add)!! 
My favorite memory of you this past month was kind of random. We took a family trip to Lowes one evening to purchase a new washer and dryer (unplanned, as these things always are!). I was trying to keep you entertained while dad talked to the Lowes people. Mmmm- what to do with a 2 year old in Lowes for an hour? Well, we found a child's wheel barrow and oh, the fun we had! You caught on how to use it pretty quickly and we went around the store finding things to put in it (and put back of course). It was so darn cute watching you push this wheel barrow around and doing such a great job balancing it - even with heavy items in it. It was all I could do not to buy it! I restrained though. It is moments like these that I adore and feel desperate to try and remember (of course I didn't have my camera). Words can't capture the magic of the evening! I love you so much my big (growing way too fast) boy!
Onto some of the new words in your growing vocabulary:
  •  Help - Help (this is one of my favorites - we worked hard on this one).
  • Ocean - "Oshen"
  • Wash = Wash
  • Wet = Wet
  • Ready, Set, Go = "Set, O"
  • Peach = Peasha
  • Jet = Jet (no more "zoom", small tear)
  • Train = has graduated from "hoo hoo" to "Choo Choo"
  • Hug = Huck - I love this one! He says "huck" and gives his sister a hug. I LOVE the announcement of the action!
  • Bed= Bed
  • Octopus = "Opus" (just heard this once while visiting the Octopus Garden at the Aquarium)
  • Water = has graduated from "wa wa" to "Wader"
  • Sun = sun
  • Rock = RoCK (he puts a lot of emphasis on the CK sound)
  • I'm stuck = I stuCK
  • Signal (mostly hear this at a railroad crossing) = Signi-ni
  • Slide = Sli-yide
  • Apple - Pa-ple
  • Cheese = Chis
  • Dog = Dawg
  • Orange - orange
  • Push=Pish
  • Hot=Hot
  • Boxee = Boc
  • Truck = Tuck
  • I'm Dancing = "I Da-sing"
  • Book = Book
  • Eggs=Eggs
  • Poop - yes, you are starting to announce when you go to the bathroom. Although I don't think we are quite ready for potty training yet.
Happy 27 months my little one! Each month I swear this will be my last monthly post for you, but I can't seem to let go! 

    Friday, June 24, 2011

    Guess Who!

    Mmmm - the picture quality doesn't give anything away, does it? Or the fact that Dec and Lex have pictures posted on this blog everyday? Ha, ha! Still, I thought it would be fun to compare baby pics of the family. Below are a few more of me and Adam.


    Thursday, June 23, 2011

    What's Up Doc?

    Today we visited Dr. Soppe for Lexi's 2 month appointment. Basically we confirmed that we have one healthy honey on our hands! She weighed in at 12 pounds, 5 ounces (50th percentile) and measures 24.5 inches in length (97th percentile!).

    Our fantastic Dr. Soppe holding our lovely Lexi
    Poor girl, doesn't know what's about to hit her. Yes, we started the fun journey of shots,  and she does not like them! Our happy baby hasn't smiled much today. She's basically been sleeping it off, but every time she wakes up she has the saddest look on her face. Oh well, one day of sad Lexi is better than a few days of sick Lexi!

    Wednesday, June 22, 2011

    Our Top 10 Reasons...

    This post is a tiny bit late (considering Father's Day was Sunday). But Dec, Lex, and I thought we'd share our top ten reasons why we think our Daddy is FANTASTIC!

    • He makes up ridiculously fun games to play with Palooka. And he is the best tickler/wrestler ever!
    • He thinks of fun places to go when he spends the day with Dec.
    • He is the best lullaby singer ever!
    • He is a master of The Happiest Baby on the Block ssshhhing technique.
    • He builds awesome Lego contraptions
    • He is an excellent driver under pressure - especially when it counts. Like when Mommy was minutes away from giving birth in the car!
    • He finds fun and interesting shows on You Tube about airplanes and sharks.
    • He is very good at putting toys together. He is even better at taking the toys Mommy tried to put together (but failed miserably at) apart and then putting them back together correctly.
    • He does the dishes every night (I guess this fits more in the category of awesome husband).
    • Even though we weren't planning on it, he encouraged Mommy to be a stay-at-home. Something I thank God for every day.
    Happy belated Father's Day to the man whose love makes our lives better. We adore you!

    Tuesday, June 21, 2011

    The Season Pass Stretch

    I'm not sure how or why this happened, but over a 9 day period, we visited amusement parks 7 of those days. And I timed our season pass stretch to coordinate with the start of summer vacation. Nice - this meant fighting the crowds. Yuck! Oh well, we still had a great time! Below is a little re-cap :)

    Legoland Fun

    Poppy came down for a visit, so we took him to one of our favorite places - Legoland! It was a great day. Declan rode the airplane ride for the first time with Poppy - how appropriate, since Poppy is a retired pilot!
    A little downtime with Lex
    Me & Dec
    The Legoland crew
    We met up with Misty, Kady, Samantha, aunt Kristin, and cousin Lily. After a few train rides -
    And a quick visit to Miniland -
    We decided to head to the Aquarium - a good decision on our part. :) Much less crowded than Legoland. The McHenry girls giving Lexi some love.
    The four kiddos
    Looking at the fish - notice how Declan is standing back at a safe distance. Ha, ha!
    Touching slimy things (check out Dec's summer hair cut) -
    Dec & Lily -

    Legoland again! This was a play date cut short. I was kind of bummed. Jennie and I don't get to see one another much, and had been planning this day for a few weeks, but do to a tough night and the crowds, I decided we couldn't hang. It just wasn't coming together :( Oh well, can't win them all.
    One picture with Dec, Sienna, and Lily. Stella not pictured.

    SeaWorld Adventures

    Tracy and I took the kiddos to see the new Turtle Reef, but it didn't open until 2:00 that day. Well, that's our nap time! Bummer. Instead we headed to the arctic where we got a great view of a polar bear...
    Let's try the turtles again! Today Micah joined Declan & Katie!
    Declan & Micah checking out the turtles -
    Katie & Declan checking out the  sea lions -
    The boys looking at the Sea Lions
    It works out well that Lexi likes to sleep in the morning and have play time in the afternoon. she usually sleeps through our play dates and then wakes up as Declan goes down for his nap. It is perfect - I get some one on one time with both kiddos! Uncharacteristically Lexi woke up when we first arrived at SeaWorld. We were a little bit early so I took Dec & Lex to check out Shamu. Since Lex was awake, I took a picture with her and the whale. :)
    And we're falling asleep again :)

    Wild Animal Park Pass Holders
    Well, we now have passes to all of the major San Diego attractions, and then some! We spent Father's Day this year at the Wild Animal Park - it's nice to have some new stomping grounds! Look at this dynamic duo - happy as can be! They truly are in their own world when they are together!
    As we were walking out, we happened to see this Momma gorilla and her baby! It was pretty cool.

    Phew! It has been a busy stretch! All good times! :)

    Monday, June 20, 2011

    Flower Power

    2011 is a big year for the "Kid Team" - as 3 new members were indicted! Quinn Emery Goad born last Tuesday completed the circle of the 3 girl cousins all born in 2011 (and within a 4 month period). I'm sure these three will be thick as thieves and get into lots of trouble together. In total there are now 7 Herkert cousins! The holidays will be extra fun (not to mention chaotic) this year! We are so excited about the arrival of Quinn! Congratulations Amanda and Garrett!

    Saturday, June 18, 2011

    Two Months

    My sweet Lexi, life just keeps getting better with you!
    I can't believe we've already completed month number two. 

    It's the small milestones that I adore;
    Your wiggles, smiles, and coos have me pining for more!

    With each passing day we see your world expanding;
    You love sucking your hand, sticking out your tongue, and being pulled to standing.

    You respond with gurgles and coos to our words,
    Anyone else would find our "conversations" absurd!

    You enjoy sitting in your bumbo, laying on your boppy, and taking soapy baths.
    And your elated reaction to Mr. Star still gives me a good laugh.

    We shared a moment on the train when you pulled me in with your gorgeous gaze,
    And then smiled so big, it brought tears to my eyes and put me in a dreamy daze.

    Your disposition is so relaxed and kick back.
    That smile comes easily and we're already hearing hints of a laugh!

    In the evenings Daddy sings you lullabies,
    Don't Worry Baby will always ease your soft cries.

    You remain my little sleepy head,
    Logging 7 hour stretches when we put you to bed.

    My sweet baby girl, I love playing dress up with you,
    Showing you off in ruffles and bows, Daddy usually gives me an eye roll or two.

    Lexi, everyday I wake up so excited to hold my angelic baby.
    I love you so much it makes me crazy!

    Words cannot describe what you mean to me.
    I wonder how you will surprise us during month three?!

    I had so much fun taking Lexi's 2 month picture! Excuse me while I post a bunch of versions of the same picture from our little photo session. I admit - I have a camera/baby obsession!! :)

    Wednesday, June 15, 2011

    Adorable Additions

    We have added a few new items to Lexi's room since her birth that I am excited to share.

    First, her name!
    From a different view -
    While we are on the subject of her name, I'll share these adorable blocks that my good friend (of 22 years!) Sarah made. I think these are ETSY worthy :)
    Next, her 2 week old foot and hand imprint -
    A few days after I had this done, I received an awesome kit to imprint them myself from my friend Joell. So, I waited a few weeks and imprinted at 7 weeks -
    My friend Tracy surprised me with a framed poem and book called Blueberry Girl by Neil Gaiman. I just love the poem - it is  beautiful!
     And, last but not least, another ETSY worthy creation by my friend Erin! A headband/hair bow holder! So adorable! 
    Her room is now complete! We are so appreciative of the thoughtful and creative gifts adorning her room!
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