Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Magnum P.I.

Today is Adam's birthday. I could talk about what a great husband and father he is, but I do that all of the time. So, instead I'm going to go ahead and embarrass him.
Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband, who....
bears a striking resemblance to Tom Selleck...
 Eat your heart out ladies :)

Monday, May 30, 2011

6 Weeks of Lexi Love

Her favorite past time!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

"Shawrk" - Video

After spending a lazy morning watching shark videos on the computer with Declan, Adam caught this on the camera:

I love the way he says shark - it is so cute! Every day he is saying a new word...sometimes a few new words. It is so awesome! My favorite part is the pronunciation. I can't get enough of it! We have one starting to speak, and one starting to coo. Life doesn't get much better!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

26 Months - Wonderful Words

 My Declan, another month has flown by! I've decided to focus mainly on your new words for our monthly updates, as this is by far the most prevalent sign of growth currently happening in your life. But, of course, I do have to add a few other notes about your 26th month:
  • You have absolutely reached new heights with your ability to learn! I am constantly challenging myself to find new things to show you how to do. Every time I think that you may not be able to do something you end up doing it even better. For example, when we bake you now are able to spoon the flower (sugar, or whatever substance) into the measuring cups and then pour this into the mixer all by your self. You now wash and dry your hands by yourself. You climb into and out of the car seat on your own. I'm constantly asking myself, is this something I should be showing Declan how to do on his own? You dad said it best yesterday as we watched you play at the beach, "it's kind of cool how he doesn't need us as much anymore, but it's kind of sad too". 
  • Speaking of your dad - the two of you are joined at the hip! Your close relationship has grown even closer since the arrival of Lexi. When he is home, he gives you extra attention at night while I catch up around the house, feed Lexi, or whatever. I am big enough to admit, I am a little jealous. Yes, I am. But, I also relish in the fact that the two of you are so close. The other day you were playing chase around the kitchen and dad slid on the wood floor in his socks while simultaneously putting his hands in the air and making a "whoosh" sound. It was the cutest darn thing when you got to the same spot on the wood floor you put your arms up and said "whoosh". Be-still my heart.
  • Besides the new words you are learning daily, I see you growing in other ways too. For example, tonight I said to you as we were playing with your trains that we should make pancakes in the morning. Straight to the kitchen you went, pushed your chair to the counter and waited patiently for the pancake making to begin! Since it wasn't the time of day for pancakes, we decided on brownies instead!
Well, onto the goods! Below are the majority (I'm sure I've forgotten a few) of the words you've learned this month:
  • Pizza
  • I did it - always said very high-pitched with arms up in the air
  • "Shi's aslip" = She's alseep, referring to Lexi when she is sleeping
  • "Der Shi is" = There she is - referring to Lexi when she wakes up
  • "Open", "Plis", "Ips" = Open, Please, Chips - mom and dad are very proud of these words - we taught you them by with holding whatever you wanted at the time
  • Blue - yes, you use this to correctly identify the color blue!
  • Buzz = referring to Buzz Light-year from Toy story
  • "Wawdy" - referring to Woody from Toy Story
  • Shoes - I was so proud of you. The first time I heard this we were at the YMCA and you started walking toward the door and said "shoe" to let me know you were finished! Since then you've adapted it as your word to let us know you want to leave wherever you are at the present time.
  • "It's a bawl" = It's a ball!
  • Bugs - referring to the movie bugs
  • "Shawrk" = shark
  • "An-a-er one" = Another one - you started saying this while watching Deadliest Catch with dad as the fisherman kept pulling fish onto their boat. You narrated with "An-a-er one, an-a-er one"
  • "Boa" = boat
  • "Bebe" = baby
  • Show = said when you want to watch Thomas the Train
  • Ice
  • "It's da moo-yoon" = It's the moon, you said this when we were walking from the car to the gym. You stopped, pointed to the moon and said in your cute little voice "It's the moon!"
  • "Beesha" =beach
  • Horsey = horse
  • Yes
  • "Ump"=jump
  • "Oh mawn" = oh man
  • "Nigh - Nigh" = Night Night; you say this after pretending to snore and placing your hands folded under your ear, as if you are sleeping. I have no idea where this came from!
  • "Wa-wa" = water
I only wish I could get more of your talking on video. It is so cute! There is no way to write how you say these words - your emphasis and tone are just adorable. I love you to pieces and we are both so proud of you!

    Tuesday, May 24, 2011

    A Long Way from Home

    We've had lots of visitors over the past month stopping by to meet our Lexi-girl. This week tops it off with visitors from Norway and Denmark! My cousin Kristina from Norway and her friend Pil (pronounced Peel) from Denmark are staying with us for a couple of days. They recently finished up a semester abroad at Berkley and are now traveling from coast to coast. We are one of their first stops. Below is a picture of the girls with Lexi on the pier.
    Kristina, Lexi, and Pil
    Listening to their stories brought me back to when my girlfriend Tracy and I backpacked Europe almost 8 years ago! Ironically we had a park play date today and had a good time reminiscing about our European travels. From pubs to parks - we've come a long way! Our lives are still full of adventure, just in a very different kind of way :)
    Below is a blurry picture of Tracy and I on our traverse around Europe - good times!!

    Monday, May 23, 2011

    Growing So Fast! - Video

    On Friday we went to Lexi's one month check up where we were told that she is in the 75th percentile for both height and weight. She weighs 10.7 lbs and measures 22" in length! She truly is growing so fast. 
    • She's bumped up her sleeping stretches from 4 hours to 5 hour increments. 
    • She loves to be held and will fall asleep in your arms within a matter of seconds, in the craziest positions! Case in point:

    Seriously, how is this comfortable?
    • She likes hanging under Mr. Star, alone or with friends :)
    with Big Bro
    with cousin Ella

    • She loves her head rubbed
    • And, although I do think she is perfect in every way, lately she is showing a bit of a fussy time from 7-9 pm. Basically she just wants to be held...which, hello! I am more than happy to do :)
    Below is a video showing her exercising some mat time.

    Little Lex, we love you so much!

    Friday, May 20, 2011

    Sweet Sibs - Video

     Prior to Lexi's arrival one of my concerns was how Dec would adjust. In fact, I worried about it so much that it didn't even occur to me to consider how awesome it would be watching the sibling relationship develop. Gotta love life's little surprises! I know I've written about how much Dec loves his sis. Below are a couple of videos showing them playing their first game and Dec giving Lexi a kiss.

    Disclaimer: In the first video Dec started fake laughing the minute the camera turned on (ugh). Prior to that his laugh was genuine. It's so difficult capturing moments on camera these days!
    In this next one, listen for the kiss sound near the beginning...

    I think it's the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

    Wednesday, May 18, 2011

    One Month!

    One week early, a dramatically quick entrance into this world you made;
    Making it all the sweeter when in my arms you laid.

    My new favorite past time is staring at your tiny pieces and parts.
    Your small ears, long fingers, and perfectly round head have my heart.

    A sleeping beauty, you love to rest;
    I often find myself waiting for you to wake - putting my patience to the test!

    You sleep with your little balled up fists next to your cheeks,
    And often pass out with your mouth open - it's so sweet!

    My little princess, you've shown a feisty side!
    When naked, cold, or wet your anger you cannot hide.

    You hold your breath and turn red in preparation for a wail,
    Although what comes out is an innocuous little cry, so small and frail!

    Bearing weight on your legs and lifting your head, you're showing signs of strength;
    Not surprising at all since your birth weight was 9 pounds and you measured 21 inches in length!

    As your first month neared an end, you graced us with a few smiles.
    Spending time to elicit them is definitely worthwhile!

    I am addicted to observing you, I must confess.
    I love getting to know your idiosyncrasies, with this I am obsessed.

    Alexandra, the love I feel for you completely consumes me.
    We are so blessed with the addition of you, sweet baby!

    Today we begin the journey of month two -
    I cannot wait to see what you will do!

    PS - Lexi as I sit here writing this post, I am bouncing your chair with my foot as you peacefully sleep. I happened to look over and catch a sweet little giggle. Seriously - how cute are you?

    Tuesday, May 17, 2011

    Outstanding Outings!

    Going from one kiddo to two hasn't been as hard as I thought. I'd say the biggest difference is that there isn't a lot of down time (and of course, less sleep!) But, I tend to thrive on a little chaos, and can manage with less sleep. Not to say there aren't days when I want to crash on the couch from pure exhaustion...ahem, yesterday! I've also noticed myself making silly mistakes - like sending thank yous to the wrong addresses, or bringing Adam my ringing cell phone thinking it was his (note - our phones don't look anything alike). Ha! It's moments like these I realize I might be a little crazy! But, really we are having lots of fun and adjusting to our "new normal" (a phrase I borrowed from my good friend Sarah). In between visitors saying hello to Lexi, doctors appointments, errands, work - you know, the usual - we've managed to squeeze in some fun play dates! Below you will see a ton of pics of our outings. You might ask yourself, where is Lexi in all this fun? Well, the answer my friends is she's rockin' the mobe! The Moby has been my savior and the reason I think that our transition to two has been fairly smooth.
    Our passed out princess! I love this picture of her snuggled against me in the Moby - I just held out the camera and hoped for the best...it worked!
    So, here's what we've been up to -
    We've been to our favorite hang out for open gym a few times with Micah and Katie:
    We went strawberry picking with Alex and Gracie last week -
    Declan could not stop laughing at Alex, and Alex could not stop making Declan laugh! They were certainly in their own boy world playing in the mud and running around like goons!
    We enjoyed the fresh strawberries so much that we returned yesterday for a play date with Katie and Tracy. After, we went for frozen yogurt where Declan proceeded to chase little Katie around and give her hugs. Oh my, I do believe he will be a skirt chaser now, and later in life!
     We went to the beach with Lily and Ella. Dec and Lily were doing their best to play as far away from the beach towels as possible - the little stinkers! There was a lot of chasing by Kristin and I that day! We can't wait for more beach weather - what is up with this rain?!
    Lily and Dec (5 months apart)
    Lexi and Ella (about 9 weeks apart - they will be thick as thieves!)

    I took Dec & Lexi to the Escondido Children's Museum - something I have been wanting to try for awhile.
    Dec had fun making bubbles
    And, he thought the caboose outside the Museum was so cool! He was quite enthralled with this - it was hard getting him back to the car.
    And last, but certainly not least, we went to Legoland with Daddy. Dec usually isn't into the rides, but we seem to be turning a corner lately! 
    And the splash park is always a hit!
    Phew! That's all folks :)

    Monday, May 16, 2011

    You Make Me Smile

    Last Wednesday Lexi started smiling! The first time I saw it was when she was playing with "Mr. Star". Later that day I got her to smile two more times by talking to her. We don't see her beautiful gums everyday, but every once in awhile I can elicit a pretty big smile from the girl! We are having so much fun!
    Seriously - look at these gums!
    Happy 4 weeks today my Lexi Love!

    Wednesday, May 11, 2011

    Playing Dress Up (Newborn Pictures)

    I originally scheduled Lexi's newborn pictures for April 30th (because she was due on April 25th). When she arrived a week early I called Carey from the hospital and asked if she had any earlier openings. She said Thursday! We left the hospital Tuesday, my mom and I took Lexi to the mall on Wednesday to find an outfit for me (luckily it was the first dress I tried on), and early Thursday morning we headed up to Temecula to play dress up with our little doll. 
    I love new born pictures! We had such a good time! Although, it is a ton of work. Adam and Mimi took turns playing with Declan outside, while Carey and I had fun inside with Lexi! So many outfit changes! It took a lot of nursing, head rubbing, and heaters to keep this little one asleep between the outfit changes. The entire session took us about 3 hours (which wasn't too bad considering Declan's was 4 hours)!
    Anyway, onto the good stuff! Without further adieu, Miss Lexi in all her glory! (Excuse me while I post a ton of pictures)!
    I love how you can see her tiny dimble in this one
      Baby in a bucket

    Wearing many hats

    Her sweet little piggies
    Family shots
    Our last shots of the day were of Dec and Lexi...
    "Oooooh fun! Look at me!"
    "Hey sis!"
    "I'm out!"
    The End
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