Saturday, April 30, 2011

Momma Said There'd Be Days Like This

Mimi left yesterday. I cried.  
After Declan was born I remember I had one very bad, emotional day. Like waiting for a traffic ticket in the mail, I was expecting a hormonal day after Lexi too. Yesterday was it! I woke up irritable, unable to make a decision, and just plain frustrated! Let me give you some examples of my craziness yesterday:
  • We were supposed to go to the Zoo with the cousins after a morning check-up for Lexi, but Dec had been running a low grade fever for the past couple of days and I couldn't decide - should we stay or should we go? Would getting outside do him some good, or is it a bad idea? Usually a decisive person, I could not make a decision to save my life! When he kept wanting me to hold him, I decided not to go.
  • Mimi was scheduled to leave, but stayed for the morning to watch Dec so that I could take Lexi to her second doctor's appointment (much easier with one kiddo instead of two). At the doctor I held back tears as she told me to wake Lexi more often than I had been for feedings. No big deal, she's gained weight - (post on this to come) but in my crazy state I took it personally, feeling like a bad mom. I didn't cry, but wanted to. Totally irrational.
  • I decided to swing by Target on my way home to return a nursing tank (again taking advantage of one kidlet instead of two). When the customer care people at Target said that I couldn't get store credit without a receipt, I am embarrassed to report that I completely flipped out! I definitely would have been mad in my normal state, but probably would have been more eloquent in my delivery if you catch my drift!
  • By the time I got home I was balling -I walked in the door and wanted nothing more than to hug my mom! Good thing she was there! I completely freaked her out walking in crying like that. She immediately assumed something was wrong with Lexi. No mom, just your grown up daughter feeling like a child on this particular day!
  • Although she offered to stay longer, we said good-bye to Meams (as Adam likes to call her) around 12. When Dec woke up from his afternoon nap later that day, his low grade fever jumped to 103. Lovely. Adam took him to urgent care and found out he has strep throat. What?! We assumed his last tooth breaking was the cause of the fever. He's sick? And, we have a newborn? And it's April - this is NOT flu season. Bummer.
Palooka, down and out:
Wait, that picture doesn't really illustrate our sick little man...this is more what we were dealing with:
On a lighter note, I wasn't completely crazy yesterday. I was able to enjoy a very girly hour with my daughter when Adam took Dec to urgent care. We watched highlights of the Royal Wedding together. We discussed Kate's dress, the hats, the flowers, know, wedding stuff. Here's a picture of my beautiful Lex enjoying some girl time:

So anyway, I'm feeling better today. A little more in control. Dec is on antibiotics and seems to be on the mend. I'm praying Lexi doesn't get sick. The four of us are spending a leisurely Saturday at home. I just have to document that between our newborn and our sick little toddler, Adam and I changed 8 diapers before noon today. We're keeping a tally. Ha, ha, the life of parents!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter 2011

The first thing we did on Easter this year was go Easter basket hunting with Daddy. 
We weren't so into the fake grass...
But LOVED the hot wheels airplanes we discovered in the Easter basket!
And, the chocolate bunny ;)
Adam and I made the rookie mistake of giving Dec a piece of candy before breakfast. Ugh - never again. He was so hopped up by the time we arrived at Aunt Amanda's for Easter brunch and it was nearly impossible to get anything healthy in that belly once he tasted the sweet stuff!

The cousins (minus Lexi) at Aunt Amanda's andUncle Garrett's:
Lily, Emma, Ella, Zack, and Declan
a candid shot
My bunnies (Lexi still looking very newborn as she was less than a week old!)
The Easter egg hunt was a huge hit. Each child had their own color egg (Dec's was orange). We had a practice hunt the day before at our house so Dec kind of got the gist of what was going on. It was so cute, we kept saying orange egg to Declan and the kid was on a mission! He loved hunting for Easter eggs! So much so that after he found his 15 eggs, Daddy kept throwing the already found ones onto the grass so Dec could hunt for more! 

Yellow eggs were fair game for everyone
My little egg hoarder ;)
The kiddo digs Easter! 
Later that afternoon Uncle Jeff came down to hang out, during which time Dec had an epiphany - he discovered that when you say "cheese" it means smile/pose for the camera. We had a great time saying "cheese" and took a ridiculous amount of pictures so he could practice his poses :) Too cute!
Lexi on the other hand slept all day. I kid you not - from 9am - 4pm (with a few diaper changes and a little snacking in there, but then promptly back to sleep). She finally graced us with her presence later in the afternoon. My little pink princess after a very long Easter nap! "Hello World!"
Happy Easter!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Daddy's Girl

And so the special bond between father and daughter begins...
I'll never forget watching Adam hold Lexi for the first time. He was very emotional, which made me emotional. It is one of those images that will forever be ingrained in my brain.
He has the magic touch for calming her down.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lexi's Big Day

As you know, play dates are an prominent part of our life...and something I was a little nervous to take on with two kidlets. So I decided to jump right in while Mimi is here to lend her helping hand. 
Yesterday we took Lexi on her first play date - and who better to meet up with than Jaimie and Micah?! It was opening day at the Strawberry Fields, so we went picking! 
First things first, I put on the Moby. I never used one of these with Declan, but felt it an absolute necessity now. As a novice it was a little hard to put on. In fact, I was ready to give up, but Mimi insisted - thank God she did! Once we got it right, Lexi slept through the entire play date and I had two free hands! Here is a picture of our sleeping beauty in the Moby:
Let's go strawberry picking! (Lexi is hidden in the Moby)
or rather, eating...
It wasn't long before Declan found a great mud puddle... he was quite a mess!
Dec and Mimi - Jaimie and I agreed this type of play date would be pretty hard without a Mimi to help.
The three kiddos. Dec & Micah are checking out the new addition. Notice my muddy boy!
After strawberry picking, we went to the Corner Bakery for lunch. I think Lexi loved the fresh air because she was awake for 45 minutes! I just loved watching her adorable expressions. So far we haven't had a lot of awake time from her. This little lady loves her Z's. Hello sunshine!
Later that evening Mimi offered to babysit so Adam and I could go out to dinner. Declan and Mimi made strawberry bread from all of the strawberries we picked while we went to our favorite restaurant (333) to celebrate Lexi's birth. After all, it was her one week birthday! I indulged in everything I couldn't while pregnant - bleu cheese salad dressing, sushi, and vino! Scrumptious! After dinner our waiter brought us dessert on the house in celebration of Lexi. Mmmmmm!
Happy one week birthday Lexi!

25 Months

Declan my love, originally I had planned on stopping your monthly updates at 2 years, but you seemed to grow leaps and bounds this month - enough to warrant documentation! I think we'll keep going a few more months. :) This month you became a Big Brother!! I cannot believe how well you are taking to your new role. I am so proud of you. It seems like you grew up overnight. One day you were my baby, now you are my toddler - talking in full sentences and taking care of your sis. I am so lucky to be the mother to such a special little boy. Your presence truly brightens my day. 
What You Love:
  • Ice
  • The Monster Walk (something dad taught you to do - you lift your legs really high and walk slowly while growling). Dad and you do this together and look like a bunch of goons - it is adorable.
  • Your new sister
  • Running around naked in the backyard 
  • Singing "If You're Happy and You Know It" and "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes"
  • Identifying body parts (You know head, shoulders, knees, toes, eyes, nose, ears, mouth, hands, tummy, and feet) and identifying colors (you know red, green, blue, yellow, and orange).
  • Easter egg hunts and "plashing" (ie, dying) Easter eggs
  • Helping me bake - cookies, muffins, etc
  • Strawberries (pictured above)
  • Running - you are so darn fast. I don't think you remember how to walk, you run everywhere! 
  • You are so athletic! My little monkey, your newest thing is hanging from the kitchen counter - you grab on and lift up your legs and just hand there. Your strength is unreal!
Wonderful Words
You went from barely talking to some full sentences, literally! Here is what we are hearing lately.
  • There he/she/it is
  • no way
  • moe = Nimo
  • hoo hoo = choo choo (train)
  • zoom = airplane
  • dat way
  • ash ishes = wash dishes
  • What's dat mom?
  • plash = splash
  • ash = trash
  • What's this?
  • on
  • adi = again
  • amoo = shamoo
  • way = whale
  • ish = fish
  • ruff, ruff = dog
  • moo = cow
  • wheel
  • uh-oh
  • my = mine
  • whoa 
  • ice
  • bus, a bus
Favorite Moment: On the afternoon of Easter uncle Jeff came over for a visit. Of course we were taking pictures and I told you to "say cheese!" Usually you bolt when I have the camera out, but today was different. Every time I said "say cheese" you hammed it up for the camera - posing, smiling, etc. It was so cute! I think we spent 20 minutes taking pictures of you! I can only hope this means there are possible future group shots with the magic words "say cheese!"
These have been the best 25 months of my life. I love this job! LOVE it!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Brotherly Love

Lexi's been getting a lot of love on the's Big Brother time now!
Here is the story of Declan becoming a Big Brother...
On Monday morning when Adam took Declan to aunt Kristin's I was putting away laundry. As I stood hanging Declan's little shirts in his closet, I totally lost it. In my heart I knew that our lives were about to change for the better, but I couldn't help but mourn the loss of what was. After all, Declan has been my little buddy for the last two years. We have been nothing less than joined at the hip and I couldn't help but worry about how he would deal with the change. Also, I was very hormonal - and in labor, of course!
At the hospital I was very anxious to see the little guy. When he walked into our hospital room, he wouldn't come to me, and quite frankly looked a little overwhelmed. I was nothing short of devastated. My stomach just sank. Good thing I brought presents!! I lured him over with a new truck and transportation book:
Even though it helped, he still had a scared look on his face for a few minutes.
But, as more family started arriving he definitely loosened up and seemed to be fine. I was glad Mimi would be with him that night. Here is a picture of his Big Brother t-shirt - it says "Big Brothers Rock"

The next day we arrived home from the hospital and Dec completely blew me away. I sat down to feed Lexi, and he sat down next to me and said "What's that mom?" Adam, Mimi, and I about hit the floor. We've never heard him say anything like that before. The next half hour was awesome! He was totally enthralled with his new little sister. He was curious and affectionate, giving her lots of kisses and patting her head. At one point he brought me her hat and pointed to her head! Big brother is already looking out for little sis!
 The next morning we had more special moments. We were playing in Lexi's room and Declan couldn't seem to get enough of his new little sister!
It has almost been a week since our family of three became a family of four. So far Declan is adjusting great!! Only hugs and kisses and lots of love. It does help that Mimi is here - he certainly is not lacking attention or affection. It also helps that she sleeps all of the time!
I do have one more funny story to add. I was pumping in our kitchen when Declan walked in. With a horrified look on his face said, he said "Whoa, WHOA, WHOA"! Poor kid, I hope he's not scarred for life!

Declan, we are SO PROUD of you! All my worrying for nothing. I should have known you'd rock the big brother role!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

My Easter Presents

Declan was born on March 26, 2009. That year Easter fell on April 12 - just 2 weeks after his arrival. Lexi was born on April 18, 2011 - this year Easter falls on April 24, less than one week after her arrival. I was lucky enough to squeeze newborn pictures in of both of them prior to Easter - so of course we took some bunny shots. Can you tell which bunny is Declan and which is Lexi?

Answer: Declan is the first, Lexi is the second. It's funny, these pictures seem to reflect their personalities - Lexi loves to relax, while Declan has always been ready to play!

Friday, April 22, 2011

First Impressions

Lexi Love, today is your fifth day with us! Words cannot explain how wonderful it is getting to know you. I am absolutely falling in love with all of your tiny parts and pieces. In our short time together, this is what is standing out about your adorable personality...
  • You are so strong..I mean ridiculously strong!You can lift your head off my shoulder
  • You have long fingers
  • You like to be stretched out, not curled up like most newborns
  • You have small, cute ears
  • You have a small dimple on your left cheek, near your mouth
  • I know newborns don't really smile, but it certainly looks like you have a grin on your face a lot...especially right after you eat
  • You have the sweetest, smallest cry
  • You sleep a lot... so far I am only getting up once a night. We'll see how long this lasts ;)
  • You have the cutest little temper...seriously. You get so worked up and forget to breath - you turn bright red...and then you stop - just like that! It is especially cute because your cry is so quiet and soft. 
  • Cold air makes you pee. I expected this with your brother and it never happened. I didn't expect it with you and it's happened twice!
We are so happy you are finally here with us and we get to watch your adorable personality unfold.
XOXO, Mom and Dad
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