Monday, January 31, 2011

Baby Love: 28 Weeks

How Far Along: 28 weeks
Size of Baby: She weighs two and a quarter pounds (like a Chinese cabbage) and measures 14.8 inches from the top of her head to her heels.
Total Weight Gain: 15 lbs. It's funny, I'm getting to the point where every week I feel so big. And then the next week comes and I think to myself, "last week was nothing compared to this week! And I still have _ weeks to go!"
Maternity Clothes: Because of the warm weather, this week I mainly wore a couple of my summer dresses (empire waist style) that I managed to squeeze into. The top I am wearing in the photo is actually a dress from Express. I think it works nicely as a maternity shirt ;)
Gender: Girl. We have narrowed it down to the final 2 names. We will definitely go into the delivery room with 2 - just in case she looks more like one than the other. Her middle name will be Elizabeth - after my maternal grandmother, and also my middle name. The other 2 names we considered for awhile were Isabel and Olivia. Olivia was Adam's idea. I loved it and was hooked on it until I realized how popular it is right now. Sadly, we had to drop it off the list. Isabel was kind of an after thought, but neither of us were ever totally sold on it.
Movement: Lots of kicking!
Sleep: Not good! Three times this week I woke up in the middle of the night and could not fall back asleep. I wasn't uncomfortable or stressed. I can't figure out why I lay awake, but I did. Ugh! Made for a few tired days :(
Food Cravings: Strawberries. I ate an entire carton from Costco and then bought another carton from the grocery store (already gone)!
What I Miss: Not really anything this week. I'm actually feeling unexpectedly good right now. I was able to run longer than normal a few times this week - I think it helps tame crazy-pregnant-girl!
Symptoms: A few headaches - not sure if these are pregnancy related? I generally assume any uncomfortable feeling I have is due to the pregnancy! 
Best Moments This Week: Finding out that we will be finished with Declan's teething stage before Baby H arrives. Also deciding on a paint color for Dec's room - it was kind of difficult! Oh, and a lovely dinner at the Brigantine with Adam's parents.
What I Am Looking Forward To: A visit to my Dad and Carie's this week. Also, we are still waiting for Ella Grace to arrive!!!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dec at the Dentist

Yesterday I took Dec to the dentist for his first check-up. I wanted to wait until he had the majority of his teeth before we went. Our pediatrician recommended Dr. Davis in Encinitas. From the minute we walked in I was impressed. The kids waiting room was awesome! Video games on the walls and a playhouse left you wondering if you were at the dentist or a kids entertainment center!
After playing for awhile, they called our name. As Dec laid on the dentist table, he looked absolutely terrified - but he didn't cry! There was a TV on the ceiling playing cartoons - I think this will help when he is a little older, but yesterday he was little too overwhelmed to notice it.
The dentist didn't do a lot- basically checked out his mouth and told us everything looked good. I also learned that all of the space in between his teeth is a good thing because it allows room for growth. Yeah! But the BEST and unexpected news came as the doc examined a little further. Declan already has one of his two year molars, and the other three are ready to break (in fact, I think they are breaking right now). Praise God! We are almost completely finished with the teething stage. I was so worried we were in for another hell week with his two year molars and that they would coincide with Baby H's birth or soon thereafter. The funny thing is, that Dec is on the early side for getting these molars and was on the late side for getting his first tooth. The chances of him getting his 2 year molars now were very unlikely! In fact, if we hadn't visited the dentist yesterday I would have assumed his fever today was simply sickness. Teething would not have even entered my mind as an option. I cannot begin to explain the relief I feel that we are almost done...well, with child #1 anyway:)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Befriending the Beluga

On Monday we went to Sea World with Kady and Samantha. It was definitely one of our best Sea World adventures so far. Mainly because Declan is obsessed with fish these days. We've been going to the Legoland Aquarium quite frequently, just so Dec can check out all of the fish. But Sea World was a whole new outing, and a much grander scale!

Misty suggested we go to the Arctic area of Sea World - something I haven't tried before. It was so cool (quite literally too)!
Below is a picture of the 3 little ones checking out the polar bears (I could not get Declan to turn around for the pic):
And, what came next, I'm sure blew little Declan's mind right out of the water. The Beluga whales:
Notice how Declan is standing back. he would not stand near the glass. He loved the whales, but was a little intimidated by their size (I think). Eventually he started touching the glass, but had no desire to stand on the ledge.
He kept looking at me saying "ish!" "ish!" After the Beluga exhibit, if he saw any water area that looked like it might contain fish, he practically jumped out of his stroller running to it, saying "ish," "ish"! The kiddo is into fish like he is into transportation. Obsession is really the only word to describe it. It is really fun to watch his excitement. In fact, I can safely say it definitely made my day to see him so overwhelmingly excited.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

22 Months

This was the most amazing month little one! It was one of those ah-ha months - you grew leaps and bounds. You really started talking and communicating with us in ways I haven't seen before. You and I also spent a lot of alone time together because of your pneumonia at the beginning of the month. It was actually a peaceful couple of weeks - I relished every minute of it. There is no place I'd rather be than with you. Last night I was feeling a bit melancholy as I lay in bed thinking of what I would write today. I realized that in 2 short months you will be 2! Two! TWO! This year, this day, this minute, is going by way to fast. I want you to be my little baby forever!
What you love:

  • Coloring is one of your new favorite activities. Unfortunately Daddy and I are having to start monitor what you are coloring on! Exhibit A: our wall took a beating! Thank God for touch-up paint!

  • Stir Fry - every time I make it, you inhale it! 
  • After bath time you love running across our upstairs hallway, pushing the fire truck Poppy & DeeDee bought for you for Christmas. Of course you are buck naked and love to make sound effects too. It is one of my favorite habits you have!
  • Your cousin Lily. You have grown very found of her over the last couple of weeks. Every time you see her you are constantly trying to hug her. It is pretty darn cute! We have her car seat in our car right now, waiting for aunt Kristin to go into labor. When you get in the car you point to it and raise your arms up, as if to say "where is Lily?"
  • Your soon to be big boy room is empty except for your toys. You LOVE playing in there. A big open space just for you. 
  • Gymboree class 
  • Walking your plastic golf bag with wheels around the neighborhood after your nap
Growing Up: 
 This month has been huge for this category! You are starting to talk a lot more! It is so darn cute to watch how excited you get when you point at things and tell us what they are. Some of your words are:
  • Fish - "ish" - you love going to the aquarium and SeaWorld pointing to the fish and saying "ish". If you see a fish on TV or a toy shaped fish, you say "ish!" and start laughing!
  • Dog -"da" (like la with a d) - Whenever we are out and about, if you see a dog you run up to it(but won't pet it), point at it, and say "da".  You especially like it when they bark. You think this is hilarious! Here you are laughing at a 6 month old husky that we met this morning at the Harbor. She was barking up a storm and you thought it was the funniest long as you were a safe distance away!
  • Bus -'bus" - one of your favorite words, you are constantly pointing them out on the road, on TV, in books. You LOVE buses!!
  • Bye-bye -"bye -ba" - You wave and say bye. It is funny, sometimes you wait until the people are completely gone and the door is shut, or we are starting to drive away, and then you say bye. We'll have to work on timing!
  • Trash-"rish" - This was a predictable one! You love showing me the trash trucks, whether we are in the driveway, driving on the road, and watching Toy Story 3. Trash trucks are a big deal in your world!
  • Bird - "bir" - I notice you say this when pointing them out on the TV more than when you see them flying around outside.
  • Bath - "bat" - Right after dinner you say "ba" and head upstairs
  • Splash - "ash" - when you are having a splashing fit in the bath and soaking the entire bathroom. One of your new favorite bath time activities.
  • Up - "up" - you've been saying this for awhile
  • Mom- "ma" you've also been saying this awhile, except now you like to point to me when you say it.
  • Ball- "ba" 
  • This - "dis"
  • That - "dat"
  • Mom - "ma" - you have been saying this for awhile, but lately you like to point at me and show dad that you know who I am. It is really quite funny. Although you call Dad "DiDee" or sometimes just "Dee" (actually much more frequently than you say "ma"), you don't point at him. 
We are also seeing other signs of you growing up:
  • You want us to play with you - always giving us a crayon or a train - you started soliciting us to join in your fun!
  • Your first (and hopefully last) hospital visit
  • Daddy was headed toward you to put your PJ's on and you hid from him under your train table - you sly little one!
  Memorable Moments: 1) One evening I walked outside to find you playing in the back of our neighbors truck while daddy visited with them. Sushi was running around the truck popping up and playing hide and seek with you. You were laughing so hard you snorted! It was so funny! I wish I had it on video. Our neighbors commented on how easily you laugh. I have to agree. You look for every opportunity. This is such a great trait to have - I hope you keep this disposition your whole life! 2)Another moment I wish I had on film. One night in the bath I spike your hair up with the shampoo, and then brought a small mirror to you to look at yourself. The only way to describe what happened next is that it was kind of like you were flirting with yourself in the mirror - you would smile coyly and then start splashing around like you were showing off. It was so funny to watch! You were quite taken with yourself! 3) One morning you and I were stringing large beads. As you got the hang of putting the string through the hole, you were so proud of yourself! You would look up at me with a small smile - it was as if you were saying "did you see what I did mom?!" Just adorable!

Happy 22 months darling Declan!

    Monday, January 24, 2011

    Baby Love: 27 Weeks

    This week Declan wanted to make an appearance! He ran over, grabbed my hand and looked straight into the camera :)

    How Far Along: 27 weeks - at a doctor's appointment this morning they told me that I am officially in my 3rd trimester! WHAT? When did that happen? For some reason I thought it was next week. Time is seriously flying.
    Size of Baby: She weighs almost 2 pounds (like a head of cauliflower) and is about 14 1/2 inches long with her legs extended.
    Total Weight Gain: 13.5 lbs
    Maternity Clothes: I love my leggings (as seen above)! Clothing has been challenging this past week as the weather has been unseasonably warm! Squeezing into summer dresses without a tan and 13 pounds heavier - not fun!
    Gender: Little Girl
    Movement: Lot's of it. I am starting to see movement from the outside now too - not just feeling it on the inside. Crazy to see my stomach move.
    Sleep: I think I missed this category last week! Sleeping good, although more difficult to roll over at night.
    Food Cravings: Probably my weirdest yet. I really wanted to eat a spoonful of jelly. I thought that would be too strange, so I made toast instead.
    What I Miss: Feeling lighter. I am starting to feel like a waddling pregnant person! 
    Symptoms: Every time I eat, even if it is only a little bit I feel uncomfortably full. I don't remember feeling this way with Declan. I definitely have more of an all around squished feeling this time. It kind of makes me nervous that I am feeling uncomfortable and still have 13 weeks to go!
    Best Moments This Week: 1)Finding out that I passed the justacianal diabetes test, 2)running 3 miles (instead of 1) before needing a bathroom break - I think she is moving up a bit 3) saying hello to Baby H this morning at the docs ;)
    What I Am Looking Forward To: 1) The 5th addition to the Kid Team, and first addition to 3-11 (my little sub-category for the 3 cousins due in 2011) - miss Ella Grace is due this Thursday. Can't wait to meet her! 2) I am simply dying to know what the sex is of my friend Jaimie's little baby. Her ultrasound this past week was unconfirmed (although it is looking more like girl)! I'm on pins and needles!! 3) The home stretch - this is it people. The last trimester!

    Sunday, January 23, 2011

    Tackle Practice - Video

    Adam is happiest when he is wrestling with his little boy! Could we have a future Charger on our hands?

    Saturday, January 22, 2011

    Herkert Happenings

    Even though our week was a little busier with work stuff, we managed to squeeze in a few fun play dates! Last Saturday we started a gymboree class with Micah and Lily - the kiddos just love it! Declan especially liked it today because it was centered around transportation. When the teacher started showing pictures of vehicles, Dec was so excited to see a "bus" - as it seems to be his new favorite word! Below are a few pics of gymboree last week and this week:
    And of course we had a date with Declan's "girlfriend" Amelia at the YMCA -
    On Friday we took advantage of the spring like weather and headed to the Botanical Gardens with cousin Lily and aunt Kristin...
    The cousins got so wet playing in the water, it was a necessity to go shirtless for awhile while we let their clothes dry out.
    Back to the water to get soaked again!
    Frozen yogurt topped off a perfect day!

    Thursday, January 20, 2011

    Icing on the Cake

    I've already mentioned how wonderful Courtney is. I can't believe it has been a year already since she first started babysitting! Every Wednesday Declan has so much fun with her. Like yesterday they went to the aquarium. Courtney told me while they were there Declan started dancing, so Courtney started dancing, and Declan started cracking up! What a cool babysitter! 
    And, if Courtney wasn't enough on her own, every once in awhile she brings one of her three beautiful nieces along too. Declan is beside himself with excitement when one of them walks through our garage door. Kylah, Aspen, and Zoey are the best! A couple weeks ago Aspen surprised Declan with a visit - Declan was so excited he started stomping his feet and turning in circles - pure joy! What a lucky little guy!
    Aspen and Declan

    Monday, January 17, 2011

    Baby Love: 26 Weeks

    How Far Along: 26 weeks -less than 100 days to go!
    Size of Baby: She now weighs about a pound and two-thirds and measures 14 inches (an English hothouse cucumber) from head to heel.
    Total Weight Gain: 12 lbs
    Maternity Clothes: I officially can't button my regular, loose-fit jeans anymore ;( This week I wore my maternity jeans a couple of times. Although, my go-to items are stretchy pants from Ann Taylor Loft and loose fitting shirts. In case you can't tell, I am not a fan of true maternity clothes and avoid them like the plague. The jeans I purchased before our Arizona Thanksgiving trip are my only maternity clothing purchase so far.
    Gender: Sweet baby girl - we added another name to our list of possibilities (we are now up to 3, but I definitely have my fav).
    Movement: Kicking up a storm, particularly when I lie down to sleep at night.
    Food Cravings: This week in the afternoon I snacked on tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. I also bought some fig newtons and polished off the bag way too fast ;) Lately just a little bit of food makes me feel uncomfortably full.
    What I Miss: A head cold near the beginning of the week had me wanting some decongestant - what I wouldn't have given for some relief!
    Symptoms: Mmmm...Adam and my mom can attest to the fact that I am officially crazy-pregnant-girl. Adam attributes this to the extra estrogen I am carrying around!
    Best Moments This Week: My mom being here led to many wonderful moments: 
    • of course watching her with Declan, (they are best buds!)
    • catching up with her
    • looking at all of the adorable clothes she bought Baby H (some pictured below) - she has a serious shopping addiction when it comes to Baby H (which I am happily benefiting from)
    • ordering Baby H's bedding (a gift from Mimi and Pops) -it already arrived and it is so actually it is SO CUTE!! 
    • an overdue date with Adam
    • and a much needed hair appointment!
    What I Am Looking Forward To: A doctor's appointment next Monday morning. Also this warm weather is giving me serious spring fever. I am hoping for an early, warm spring! Some light weight dresses would be great to wear the last couple of months of pregnancy.

    Little Baby H, while at the Botanical Gardens this week I watched a group of little girls at a birthday party. They were so cute, all dressed up and wearing bunny ears (not sure what the theme of the party was). As I watched them, I pictured you, and couldn't help but wonder who you will be...sporty? shy? studious? In what little ways will you make us smile? I cannot wait to find out!

    Friday, January 14, 2011

    Love That Laugh! - Video

    Something I will never tire of, Declan's laugh...

    Wednesday, January 12, 2011

    Declan Has A GIRLFRIEND!

    That's right...and she's cute!!
    We've been on numerous play dates with Amelia, but yesterday at the YMCA something connected between these two little ones. It was about half way into the hour when we noticed that LOVE was in the air. At first it started out with the normal chasing around:
    Followed by hand-holding...
    Which eventually led to hugs - a lot of hugs!
    Notice that Declan is smiling. If Amelia stopped hugging him, he would go stand by her and point to her, as if he was asking for more!

    Mimi (she is in town visiting), Katie, and myself were quite entertained by the whole show! I was so sad to learn that our good friends will be moving to the Bay area next month. I think Declan will be especially sad to see Amelia go ;(
    BUT, he always has his BEST FRIEND, Micah (who was at the YMCA yesterday too). These two clowns are always smiling around each other!
    Another great day at our favorite place!!

    Tuesday, January 11, 2011

    A Day At The Park With Dad

    On Sunday Dec and Daddy spent some quality time together. Over the past two weeks Dec became very mommy-dependent because of his pneumonia. It was time to get re-acquainted with Daddy!  In the morning we went to the park for balance bike practice...

    Dec is definitely enthralled and curious about the bike.
    As with all things that go, we must investigate the wheels!

    Notice that both hands are on the bike! I love the look on his little face!
    And, we are sitting (not riding yet, but sitting!)

     Next we went on a walk to feed the ducks. Along the way we found some cool things - like this stick...
     And a horse!
    We finally made it to the ducks - which was a hilarious little adventure all in it's own. Some of the ducks were as tall as Declan! He's was quite interested in these quacking creatures!

    Adventures are always more fun with Daddy (or "DiDee" as Dec says)!
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