Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The X Factor

As you know today Adam, Declan, and I took a trip to the doctor's for our BIG ultrasound! But I will get into the details of that in just a minute. Let me tell you what I did after the ultrasound. Declan went home with Adam, and I went shopping! That's right shopping - to pick up these cute little numbers for our Baby Girl! (my eyes are watering even as I write this).

Let's take a closer look at this one:
The two outfits I bought are made by Barefoot Dreams. I had and loved the boy version of both for Declan. I knew if they said we were having a girl today that I would make a stop at Mabel's to make this first purchase!

OK, let's start from the beginning. The ultrasound went really well. I was actually more concerned about this than the gender. I was so sick for so long - I was more than a little worried about Baby H. But, to my delight and surprise she is doing more than good. First off we were told that she is already showing signs of making the breathing motion - ahead of schedule! And, the technician was surprised when I said that I was feeling her kick often. She said that her low position means she would have to kick pretty hard for me to feel it - so it looks like we have another mover and shaker on our hands! All of her beautiful parts and pieces are where they should be and the size they should be and her heartbeat is strong and good! Basically it couldn't have gone any better! Then we received the good news that Baby H is a SHE! Of course the tears started flowing. Both Adam and I are ecstatic! Of course little Declan is too - he just doesn't know it yet;)

Let's take a look at our little love. Presenting our Baby Girl!

And here she is giving us the thumbs up!

So as Adam would say, the X swimmers beat the Y swimmers (that is where the name of this post came from). 
Mom and Carie - I'm glad you didn't have to return the girl items you bought yesterday and today! I think it is so funny that you were both that confident! XOXO

We feel so blessed to have a healthy, happy little boy and a healthy little girl on the way!
Let the shopping begin!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Baby Love: 19 Weeks

How Far Along: 19 weeks
Size of Baby: Baby H weighs about 8 1/2 ounces and measures 6 inches, head to bottom - about the size of a large heirloom tomato.

Total Weight Gain: 3 lbs
Maternity Clothes: Primarily wearing regular clothes, but did sport my maternity jeans for the first time this past week (pictured above)!
Gender: We find out TOMORROW! Adam had a dream this past week that we are having a girl. I wonder if he has any ESP abilities?
Movement: One night I woke up in the middle of the night and had a hard time falling back to sleep. I had my hand on my stomach and felt a little kick from the outside! Feeling Baby H is definitely one of the most satisfying, exciting feelings in the world! She/he is certainly a mover! I don't know if it is because I am more aware of it this pregnancy, or if this little one just moves more than Declan did, but I feel him/her at least once an hour. In fact Baby H is doing a little exercising in my stomach as I write this ;)
Sleep: Sleeping pretty good for the most part.
Food Cravings: No specific cravings, but I certainly enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner this week ;)
What I Miss: Bob's Big Boy Bleu Cheese salad dressing
Symptoms: It seems like after weeks of slow growth, my belly is growing at lightening speed!
Best Moment This Week: We were in Arizona this past week for Thanksgiving. It takes a little more effort to get Dec to sleep in new places, so I was laying on the bed with him, rubbing his head. He had been asleep for about 5 minutes and I was just enjoying the gentle rhythm of his breathing when Baby H started to kick. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world as I listened to Declan's peaceful breathing and felt little Baby H kick. It was a serene moment. Also, non-pregnancy related, spending a very special Thanksgiving with my family.
What I Am Looking Forward To: Seeing Baby H tomorrow, of course!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pink or Blue?

On Tuesday we find out a little bit about who will be joining us in April - a girl or a boy! As I've said before, I really don't have a preference for the gender of the baby. I will be so excited either way. Below are a few reasons why:

  • I already know that I love being the mother to a boy. I have always considered myself somewhat of a tom-boy. I love outdoor activities - snowboarding, wakeboarding, camping, surfing - you name it! So I can easily see myself with 2 boys. Twice the fun as far as I'm concerned!
  • I love the idea of brothers, bunk beds, watching the relationship of same sex.
  • We have so many of Declan's cute clothes that were barely worn that I would love to pull out of storage.
  • 2 boys gives me more leverage with Adam to have a third ;)

  • Um, hello! The Clothes!
  • I have a very close relationship with my mom and always have. I hope to foster a similar one with a daughter.
  • I would love to pass down my American Girl doll collection. My childhood friend Sarah (who I am so lucky to still be friends with - hi Sarah!) and I spent hours playing with our American Girl dolls. I had Kirsten and she had Molly. I love the idea of more American Girl time in my future.
  • The joy of being able to parent both a boy and a girl.
I find the results of our little poll interesting (see below) - almost an exact reflection of my feelings. Not really sure on the gender - a toss up really. But a little, teeny, tiny part of me is leaning more towards girl.

Will Baby H be a

Little Baby H we are so excited to get another glimpse of you on Tuesday! There are 3 anxious people awaiting your safe arrival!

Friday, November 26, 2010

20 Months - Video

What you love:
  • Open gym at the YMCA - we go there at least once a week
  • Soup - another item to add to the menu
  • Sitting in the sink and brushing your teeth

  • I think I talked about this last month, but jumping on the bed is one of your all time favorite activities!
  • You still love to cuddle, cuddle, cuddle! I am so lucky to have such a snuggle-bug for a son!
  • You also still love sorting laundry. One night while I was putting it away, you helped by moving your entire PJ drawer to the laundry hamper!
  • There is an area at the end of our street where an iron gate allows us to watch the cars go by on a busy road. It is an understatement to say that you love going there and watching the cars.Mimi discovered it near the beginning of the month, and ever since there isn't a day that passes where you don't point to your stroller in the garage - your way of asking to go watch the cars. I bring a blanket down to the grassy area, along with a project for myself (knitting or lately addressing Christmas cards). You stand at the gate and talk to the cars, sometimes bursting into laughter as they drive by! It is really quite comical. Below is a video of you begging to go look at the cars by pointing to your stroller. Unfortunately it was a rainy day and we couldn't take you outside. In it we even see a small dose of tantrum (see notes on this below)- although you are capable of much more!

Growing Up:
  • You can walk downstairs by yourself! We were at Micah's grammy's house and she has a landing with 3 stairs leading to her family room. Holding onto the wall, you made your way down those stairs pretty quick, multiple times!
  • Mine, dragon, bed, open, are all new words we heard this month. Up and daddy are your favorites. You broke your 2 bottom k-9 teeth, and possibly your upper ones too - I can't get my finger up there to find out!
  • You have discovered tantrums! I'm talking real, dramatic trantrums. Laying on the ground, arms flailing, yelling, screaming tantrums. Most of the time I get quite a kick out of watching you try to get your way.
  • This has not been the best month for taking naps. I'm hoping it has something to do with your teeth coming in. I can't quite figure it out.
  • You've developed stranger anxiety with adults you don't know - especially large groups of adults. Luckily, you still feel comfortable around any kiddo willing to play!
Favorite Moment: While we were at Micah's  Grammy's house decorating cupcakes for his birthday party, Micah and I started playing a game giving each other kisses through the screen door. You ran over to join the fun. The two of you were laughing so hard, taking turns giving me kisses and making funny faces. It was a magical moment watching the two of you feeling pure, innocent joy. It was so special. Later that day when it was time to leave, Micah didn't want you to go. He climbed into the car and hung onto the seat and said, "no, no, no"! It was so sweet. I think it is remarkable how much you and Micah love each other and are aware of one another at such a young age. I always feel lucky to witness these unpredictably perfect moments.

    Sweet angel, it is physically impossible for me to love you more. Thank you for bringing so much joy to my life!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Turkey Bowling

On Wednesday night we celebrated Thanksgiving Eve with a very un-Thanksgiving dinner of pizza and salad at the Talking Rock Club. Although dinner was excellent, our primary reason for heading out to the club was to try Turkey Bowling! Adam swaggered out there and ticked off the old guys with three strikes in a row!

The set-up
Here it comes!
Third strike in a row!
Although Dec couldn't appreciate his dad's mad bowling skills, he did love a little hot chocolate by the outdoor fire!

Mesmerized by the flame.

Daddy and Uncle Jeff hanging at the bar waiting for the rest of the troops to arrive. A great beginning to a fun holiday weekend in Arizona!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Gim-me My Gymmies!

Confession: I have a pajama (gymmie) obession when it comes to Declan. I have a difficult time finding clothes I like for him, but I make up for it in pajama purchases! Below are a few of my favorites...

"Tough" Trucks
"I Do My Own Tricks" Snowboarding Bear
"Rock On"

Fire Engine

Doesn't he just look snuggl-ishious in his gymmies?!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Baby Love: 18 Weeks - Bare Belly Comparison

This past week Baby H decided to make his/her presence known! I definitely have a pregnant belly now! For fun I decided to compare my 18 week belly from my pregnancy with Declan to my 18 week belly with Baby H.
Pregnant with Declan John in 2008: 18 weeks (and freshly returned from our babymoon in Hawaii!)

Compared to my now pregnant with Baby H - no Hawaiian tan :(
After looking at these pictures, my suspicions were confirmed - I am carrying much lower this time!

Pregnancy Highlights

How Far Along: 18 weeks
Size of Baby: Head to rump, Baby H is about 5 1/2 inches long (about the length of a bell pepper) and weighs almost 7 ounces.
Total Weight Gain: 2 lbs
Maternity Clothes: On Wednesday I wore my jeans to work. After sitting for a couple of hours - I was very uncomfortable! I made an emergency stop at Maternity Works on my way home to pick up a pair of maternity jeans. Knowing that I would be in AZ this week, I didn't want to be stuck without clothes options. I still haven't worn them, but it is nice knowing they are there if I need them! I never bought maternity jeans during my pregnancy with Dec. Since I was working full time, I only wore dresses and really got away with minimal maternity clothes! Now life without jeans just isn't an option!
Gender: We find out next week! Wow! Despite the fact that this pregnancy has been more difficult, it has gone so much faster than my pregnancy with Declan. Everyone says it is because I am busier, but I beg to differ. When I was pregnant I was working full time and going to school full time. 2 days a week I left at 5am and didn't get home until 10:30pm. It was without a doubt one of the busiest times in my life. I think the reason it is going faster this time is that I simply don't think about myself much anymore (as evidenced by longer periods of time between hair appointments and toe nails with chipped nail polish)! Consequently I am not as aware of time regarding the pregnancy. I have fully given myself to motherhood and wouldn't have it any other way!
Movement: I think little Baby H had the hiccups last night. I felt the slightest rythmic kick. It took me a minute to realize what was happening! I LOVED feeling her/him hiccup! So sweet and innocent. Baby H, with each passing day I become more and more excited to meet you! I find myself wondering what little personality is growing inside my belly. Your Daddy and I already love you so much.
Sleep: Sleeping good except for the beginning of the week. I had a bad cough that definitely worsened at night. I was so bummed to learn Nyquil is off limits!
Food Cravings: I'm still taking it easy with the food situation. I have been munching on animal crackers a lot lately. Don't know if I would say that I am actually craving them though.
What I Miss: My closet is slowly closing in on me. It's so weird to look at a closet full of clothes and have minimal options on choices.
Symptoms: Increased appetite (yeah!!!), a preggo belly -so many people commented on it this week! I'm starting to develop the weeps - I was writing a blog I do for Schoolhouse Realty on Sat about things to do with kids and finding all these great Christmas activities - I turned to Adam and said 'I'm so excited for Christmas!' with tears streaming down my face! Hello hormones!
Best Moments This Week: During my emergency run to Maternity Works on Wednesday I ran into my pregnant sister-in-law, Kristin. It was fun talking belly talk with her in such an appropriate setting ;) Also, I had the opportunity to see my friends Jen and Tracy this week. During both outings I discussed the best gear options for running errands with the kiddos. I feel so lucky to have friends to bounce ideas off of. I would be lost without them! AND, yes there is a third - Adam and I sold a bunch of stuff on Craig's List this week in preparation for the arrival of Baby H. Some of the items sold were difficult to part with, but now that they are gone and there is more space in the house, I can't help but be excited for what it means - making room for the little peanut!
What I Am Looking Forward To: Mmmm, bet you can't guess! Our appointment next Tuesday! I really can't believe I am almost half way through the pregnancy! AND being in my second trimester during the holiday season. The best trimester luckily lined up for the best time of the year!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like...

...Christmas! Yes, that's right! Adam and I decided to take advantage of this rainy day and decorate for Christmas. We usually decorate next weekend, but we will be out of town - so Christmas is coming a little early this year. No complaints here! 
First, I would like to share this year's addition to our Dept. 56 Village: Peppermint Pete's!
Adam and I were like little kids a couple of weeks ago searching on Amazon for our 2010 Dept 56 purchase. Seriously - we were so excited. This morning, I was still laying in bed at 7am and Adam was already decorating for Christmas - he ran upstairs, so excited to tell me that the peppermint pieces on the little store rotate! Well, this exciting news popped me right out of bed!
Here's our small, yet growing village:

Declan helped this morning too. He was enthralled with the twinkle lights on the stairs:

We also added twinkle lights to the top of our kitchen cabinets this year - which I love!
And we bought an advent calender,

and this cute little train! I couldn't resist the train - especially since we are giving Dec a Thomas the Train table this year!

What a perfect, cozy day! Filled with hot chocolate, Christmas music, and Christmas movies - it doesn't get much better than this!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Plethora of Play Dates

Dec and I have been very social the last couple of weeks! And I've been terrible about updating the blog with our outings, so we're going to do this highlight style ;)

Open Gym at the YMCA has become a weekly occurrence - the little guy just can't get enough!
Last week we met Amelia there. She LOVES giving Declan hugs ;)
 And this week we met Micah there - the boys had the most fun in the foam pit!
Taking a short brake-
We hung out with Katie and Tracy at Legoland - which is already decorated for Christmas!

We went to Micah's Grammy's house to help decorate cupcakes for Micah's 2nd birthday party - well, Jaimie and I decorated while Dec and Micah played!
The next day was Micah's party - I unfortunately had the stomach flu, so Daddy played Mommy for the day!
Dec had so much fun at Micah's party! Here he is playing corn hole -
We've also been lucky enough to have visits from 2 sets of grandparents lately. Dec and I took Poppy and DeeDee to one of our favorite hang outs - the Botanical Gardens! Poppy and DeeDee also babysat Dec that evening. Adam and I decided to spend our date night at...wait for it... Costco...and had way too much fun! Seriously, how lame are we?

The following evening  G-Mom and Grandpop came over for pizza. I am super lame and did not get a pic of them with Dec :( So, it's simply documented in words.

Phew! We have been having lots of fun! No wonder I haven't had time to blog ;)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Baby Love: 17 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 17 weeks
Size of Baby: This week Baby H's size is comparable to a turnip! She/he weighs about 5 ounces and is around 5" long from head to bottom. 

Total Weight Gain: -1.5lbs. You're probably wondering how at 17 weeks I am a pound and a half less than when I first became pregnant. Well, on Friday I developed a nasty, hard-hitting case of the stomach flu. And it started in my car while driving on the 405! Ugh! Not one of my finer moments. The funny part to this story is that Declan thought the awful noises coming out of my mouth were to entertain him and the entire time he was laughing so hard that he couldn't catch his breath. It even made me crack a smile. Declan, you truly are my silver lining!
Maternity Clothes: Nope. I actually still fit in my jeans without help from a rubber band or belly band, although they definitely need to be unbuttoned after a meal ;)
Gender: We find out in 15 short days! Wow, time is really flying!
Movement: Every now and then small flutters - nothing that I can feel on the outside, just internally.
Sleep: Pretty much uninterrupted, except for the occasional potty break.
Food Cravings: Considering the above story, I won't even comment here this week.
What I Miss: Racking my brain, and I really can't think of anything new at the moment. I will say that snowboard season is coming up, and without a doubt I will be missing that! I can't wait for our first family snowboard trip. You better believe seeing the little people on snowboards will bring tears to my eyes!
Symptoms: An expanding belly :) I look especially pregnant in the evenings!
Best Moment This Week: My dad and Carie (Poppy and DeeDee) came down for a visit! We went to dinner last night and Dec & I get to spend the whole day today with them! We are very excited. It is Carie's first time seeing my baby bump and I have more to show off since the last time I saw my dad in early October ;)

Also, my Ergo arrived - of course I tried it on and pictured carrying our little baby in it! So excited!!
What I Am Looking Forward To: Oh, so many things! 1)Seeing my dear friend Tracy (college room mate) and her daughter Katie who will visit from Washington this week. But, what is even better than seeing her is the fact that she is here to look at houses! They will be moving here early 2011! I am so lucky! Our kidlets will get to grow up together and she will be here during the last part of my pregnancy! 2)Next Sunday we leave for Arizona to spend Thanksgiving with my family. It has been a long time since we have spent a holiday in Arizona and I am looking forward to seeing everyone. Plus, I plan on doing some fattening up after this stomach flu episode! 3) I will get into more detail on this at a later date, but Adam and I have started the long process of taking apart our office to make room for Declan's big boy room, which will in turn make room for the baby in the nursery.

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