Monday, September 27, 2010

Baby Love: Week 10

Before I begin this little journey of pregnancy highlights, I have to first give credit where credit is due! I "borrowed" this Baby Love format from my bloggy friend Kyndal, who is due with her second son in early October. I enjoyed following the highlights of her pregnancy, and so decided to create my own version on our blog! Thanks Kyndal!

  Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 10 weeks
Size of Baby: Barely the size of a kumquat -a little over an inch or so long, crown to bottom — and weighs less than a quarter of an ounce.

Total Weight Gain: I debated whether to add this part, and fear I may regret it later. But, I decided to bare all: 3 lbs
Maternity Clothes: Not yet. I still fit in all of my clothes, although I prefer the comfy ones!
Gender: Gut feeling - still kind of leaning toward a girl, but not strongly. We'll find out around Thanksgiving. 
Movement: Not yet!
Sleep: It usually takes me forever to fall asleep at night. I was hoping baby would encourage a quicker pace to catching my zzz's. No luck! I haven't been very tired.
Food Cravings: None. Plenty of food aversions though!
What I Miss: A sharper mind. Once again I am suffering from the fuzzy pregnant mind! Case in point: I recently sent back a wedding RSVP without writing anything on it! Oops ;)
Symptoms: Nausea, nausea, nausea...did I mention nausea? It is worst in the morning and evenings. I usually have a nice break about mid-day.
Best Moment This Week: Having my mom in town! I caught up on some much needed rest and I was able to take on some new work projects. A little extra dough will be nice to help out with Baby #2 ;) Plus Declan was in heaven with all the extra attention and love!
What I Am Looking Forward To: Our second doctor's appointment is next week. I can't believe it has already been a month! There's nothing quite like hearing that little heart beat!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

18 Months

Happy 1 1/2 years my love! Precious Declan, dare I say that your 18th was my favorite month? I think I probably feel this way about every month!
Favorite Moments: I have two this month: 1 - On a cold, overcast day, you and I took a little trip to the beach to burn some energy before nap time. We were practically the only people on the beach, when we stumbled upon a flock of baby seagulls! I have never seen anything quite like it. This was heaven for you - you chased those poor baby birds all over the beach! It was such a sweet, innocent moment. 
 2 - The day we went apple picking, was the first time you really "talked" to me. You kept saying "appa" for apple. It absolutely melted my heart. It made me think, your whole life I watch you and wonder what is going on in your little head. Very soon, we are going to find out!
Things You Love:
  • Salsa! So much so that you use tortilla chips to suck the salsa off and then discard the chip! 
  • Walking backward (a new trick this month)
  • Saying "shhhh" with your pointer finger held up to your lips (although you don't always do this in the right context, which makes it even cuter)
  • Putting shapes, numbers, and letters through the appropriate cut out. I don't know what these toys are called, but you love this game, and are pretty darn good at it!
  • Playing hide and seek (dad taught you this).
  • Laying on the floor and putting your hands out like superman - I have no idea where this came from, but it is so funny!
  • Twirling until you get dizzy and fall down!

  • Hand stands (with your feet planted on the ground of course!)
  • Matchbox cars- I would say this goes beyond a like, and is closer to an obsession! Pops graciously gave you the cars he used to play with when he was little. They are pretty cool, because they are all models from his era. Mimi brought you the box of cars and you play with them for hours. Let me repeat that - you play with them for hours! The other day you didn't want to go outside because you were busy with your cars! You are all boy and I LOVE it!
  • Giving kisses :) I love those sweet little kisses you give.
Growing Up:
  • A recent visit to the doctor revealed at 22.5 lbs you are in the 10th percentile for weight, and at 32 inches you are in the 50th percentile for height.
  • If I had to guess today, I would guess you are going to be a lefty. In the last month we've noticed you always throw with your left hand.
  • You can identify your shapes! I am so proud of you. We are currently working on letters and colors.
  • Talking -by far the most significant development this month. You  started babbling non-stop. I call it Declan-speak. Every once in awhile we hear some decipherable words in there: "appa" for apple, "ba" for bath, "up", "mine", and of course "mama" and "dada".
You are the light of my life and make every day special. As always, I look forward to what  next month has in store for us.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Family of Four

That's right! Declan's blog (and soon his life) is evolving to make room for a little brother or sister!
On August 14th our suspicions of a little one on the way were confirmed with a positive pregnancy test:
Of course we are ecstatic at the thought of our family of three becoming a family of four!

During a doctor's appointment on September 10th an ultrasound revealed an April 25, 2011 due date! Declan was beside himself with excitement at the doctor's appointment; not because he was catching his first glimpse of Baby H, but because the ultrasound machine was full of tempting buttons to push!

An April 25th due date puts me just shy of 10 weeks pregnant. The pregnancy has been fairly easy, although I am challenged with strong food aversions and nausea on a daily basis (something I did not feel during my pregnancy with Declan). I hope as I near the end of my first trimester these challenges will abate. Luckily my morning run makes me feel better, so I have been able to keep up with that and plan to continue as long as it feels good.

Declan has started Big Brother Boot Camp in preparation for becoming the older, wiser one. Just kidding. But, we have added a new book to our nightly reading routine, I'm A New Big Brother. He also wears his Big Brother shirt proudly (pictured above). And, when I ask him "where's the baby" he points to my stomach! He even kisses "the baby" (my stomach) sometimes. Although I have to say, I think he associates the word baby with my belly button, because the pointing and kissing always land exactly on my belly button! I hope to catch this adorable act on film soon (which, of course I will share on the blog).

For about a week we weren't going to find out the gender, but upon careful consideration I felt that we must know! We should find out around Thanksgiving time. I have always been very honest about my gender preferences. When I was pregnant with Declan, I wanted a boy so badly! Luckily, I got a great one! But, this time I honestly will be ecstatic either way. I think Adam feels the same way. I have always pictured us with 2 boys, but lately I am feeling more girl (if I had to take a guess today). We'll find out soon enough! We'd love to know what you think! Take a guess on our baby poll on the right. And check back every now and then. I'll be giving the baby some love on the blog!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Hide & Seek - Video

Dec's new favorite game is hide and seek. He loves it so much he is always trying to find new places to hide. The other day I opened the hall closet to get the vacuum out and he hid behind the door! It is just adorable...

Did you notice him "shhhhing" a couple of times? That's his new thing. It is so funny because he does it at the most random times. In the bathtub "shhh", eating "shh",...basically whenever he feels like it! So funny!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Day Away

Adam and I are good at giving each other a night about once a month to go out with our respective friends - baby free! A girl's night and a boy's night so to speak. But, I have to admit we are not very good at making time to go out with each other. There's just a lot more coordinating involved! I think I can count on both hands the number of times we've been out together since Dec was born. Not that I am complaining - we love our little Palooka and all the adjustments that come with parenthood.

But, yesterday (thanks to Adam's sister Jen), Adam and I met up with some of Adam's college friends (in town for a mini vaca). We spent the day in Catalina with a very fun and entertaining group of people.
We took a little golf cart tour of the island, and hopped out to snap a few pics -
Christa, Mike, Jill, Pat (Adam's college friend), Summer, Sara (Adam's other friend from college), Kerrie, Adam, and me.
Pat, Sarah, Adam, and me
Mike, Pat, and Adam
And the group eating at Avalon Grille - the best lunch I've had in months! So Good!!!
This day would have been perfect in and of itself, but we had a little icing on the cake. We didn't have to spend a cent! It's a long story, but the whole day was paid for by HBO! 

And, Declan had a great day with cousin Zack and cousin Emma at the Wild Animal Park! I don't even think he knew we were gone ;)

Friday, September 17, 2010

A Pleasant Surprise!

Today we met Micah, Jaimie, Lisa (Jaimie's cousin), and Roman at SeaWorld. 
5 minutes before we pulled into SeaWorld my mom called and said she and Jim would be meeting us there! In town for Jim's mom's 90th birthday, we didn't have plans to see each other this trip. But their plans fell through for the day and they had a couple of hours to kill. So our merry six-some became a merry eight-some!
A few pics from our day at SeaWorld:

Dec with Grover and Elmo. The funny thing is he doesn't know who these characters are because we really don't watch Sesame Street.

The boys also tried a ride, and LOVED it!
We fed the Flamingos -
Said "hello" to Shamu -
Stopped by to see the turtles -
And visited the penguins!
Another fun, and special day at SeaWorld!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Apple Picking

What I should have named this blog post was Apple Eating! Today Dec and I met Jaimie and Micah in Julian to do a little apple picking. Although, Dec had absolutely no interest in picking apples - he just wanted to eat them. I am not exaggerating when I say that he must have had 30 different apples in his mouth today (of course he didn't finish all of them!) Below are a few highlights from our outing.

Micah is busy picking apples, while Dec is busy eating them
"Don't bother me mom, I'm busy eating apples!"
Nothing like a couple of friends taking a load off under an apple tree!
 Let's find more apples!
The boys taking a water break
We spent quite a bit of time playing around this old car!
And, we were lucky enough to find a couple of tractors today! 
"Micah, do you know how to drive yet?"
Dec giving his good friend a hug
Jaimie and the boys
After apple picking we stopped for lunch at the pizza barn. You would think Dec would have been full from his apple binge, right? Nope! He ate 2 pieces of pizza! The kid can put it back!

I almost forgot, Dec was more talkative than usual today - I heard him say "apple" twice, "up" a couple of times, and he said "bye-bye" to Micah. I love listening to his little voice!

What a great day - I am officially ready for fall. Bring on the cool weather!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Identifying Shapes - Video

Declan and I have been working on learning our shapes for awhile now. A few weeks ago I realized that he actually knows some of them! I finally got it on video! The problem is, he gets bored answering my questions and the shape identifying inevitably turns into a game of sorting and reorganizing! He knows rectangle. octagon, and oval down pat. And, he is pretty good at circle and square. I don't think he knows triangle or diamond yet. In the video below I was able to catch him identifying his favorites: rectangle, oval, and octagon! I am one proud mama!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Max's Run

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our fundraising for Max's Run! We exceeded our $500 goal by $50! Today we participated in the actual run. We were part of 250 participants and our $550 contributed to the $12,000 raised- not bad for the first annual Max Run!
It was the perfect morning for a run around Lake Miramar- nice and cool! I just love all the kiddos front and center starting the run!

Adam and Dec, on their way!

 Adam and Dec ran first in the 1 mile fun run and were the second to finish!
Here's Adam coming in right behind Dec ;)
I ran after the boys in the 5K. I can't brag about finishing second though!

 Ironically I dressed Dec in a Star Wars shirt today...
Why is that ironic? Because apparently Max loved Star Wars, so some Storm Troopers were there to cheer the runners on this morning! Dec is quite taken by the costumes...
We look forward to running next year!
Thank you again to all who donated!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


My good friend Angela and I have been trying to get our boys together all summer! We finally made it happen today! In the future I think we will make more effort on scheduling play dates because these two played so well together today. I just got a pass to the Botanical Gardens (which allows you to bring a friend), so we met there.

Our first stop was the train, of course. It is absolutely Dec's obsession and he definitely wanted to share it with Chase. Here they are pushing the button to make the train go.
Chase giving Declan a hug -
Making music together

Dec loves playing in this stream, good thing I brought a change of clothes!
What a much needed fun day! I haven't been feeling very good over the last week or so, so we've been a little anti-social. This was the perfect jump-start to get us back into our normal routine;)

Friday, September 3, 2010


On Wednesday night Adam was busy with his Fantasy Football Draft, so I decided to take Dec to the beach to watch the sunset. What fun we had!
Declan gave me so many hugs that evening! There is just something special about the beach at sunset.
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