Sunday, August 29, 2010

Farewell to Summer

I know summer has not officially ended, but in our little world, it feels like it has. As of tomorrow, all of our friends who work in the school districts are back to work. We made sure to make the most of our last week of summer. We saw Jaimie and Micah twice. Once on Monday for some fun at Legoland, and once on Friday for some more fun at SeaWorld!

Micah in the drivers seat at Legoland while Dec takes a snack break in the back seat.

A blurry picture of the 4 of us at SeaWolrd in the shark area

Dec & Micah watching Blue Horizons at SeaWold
Saying good-bye in the car. These two are so darn cute together!
On Tuesday Dec and I went on an outing to the Botanical Gardens to play in the awesome playgrounds and watch the outdoor model train that he loves so much. My favorite part of this day was when Dec saw a frog for the first time. He was quite taken by it...
The frog is hard to see. He is peeking his eyes at Dec in very left middle of the picture above.
On Thursday we met up with Stacie and the twins at the mall to do a little shopping. The kiddos had a good time at the mall playground and at Stride Rite. I was a little embarrassed when Dec tried to rearrange all of the shoes in the kids section! It's hard controlling him around shoes. It is definitely one of his favorite items to rearrange. Go figure!

On Saturday Adam and I took Dec to Balboa Park to see a puppet show and visit the Model Train Museum. The weather was perfect for a stroll around Balboa Park! and, Dec loved the Model Train Museum.
On Saturday night we met the Abbotts at the Oceanside Pier for some hamburgers at Ruby's! Yummm! Dec and Lily were hilarious to watch on the pier. Running around like a couple of goons!

What a great week and a spectacular summer! We ended it by going to the beach today where after playing in the water for awhile Declan decided to roll around in the sand. Yes, he actually rolled around in the sand! I felt like we took half the beach home with us! I'm sure we'll squeeze a few more beach days in, but there if definitely a different feeling now. We are looking forward to fall and everything it has in store for us - Charger Season, some birthdays coming up, and of course Halloween is right around the corner!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

17 Months

Little Declan - lately I have been thinking a lot about what you were doing a year ago. You were 5 months and already sitting up! This period of your life was absolutely the most magical time of my life. I just couldn't believe how much fun having a baby was! I kept waiting for the hard part to kick in, but you were such a joy! Your personality really started emerging and everyday I woke up wondering what you were going to do.  It seems like from the beginning of your life you were looking for reasons to laugh. As we approach your year and a half mark, I feel like we are on the cusp of another magical time, as you are starting to jibber-jabber away! Again I find myself waking up, wondering what you are going to "tell" me about today!

My Favorite Moment: Besides listening to your non-stop talking, my favorite moment this month was an evening during our visit to Arizona. It was sunset and we were tooling around the golf course in a golf cart (which you loved). We stopped to let you run around. Inevitably you found your way to a rather steep sand trap. You tried walking out of it, but the edge was too steep and you ended up walking in place and then falling. From the sidelines I watched and wondered what you would make of the situation. Well, you turned around, sat your little behind down and slid down the hill. You thought this was the best idea anyone had ever had. What followed was 10 minutes of belly laughs while running up the hill and sliding down again. It was so fun watching you enjoy yourself!

Growing Up:
  • Early in the month you began waving good bye when you were ready to leave a location. This usually occurs when it is close to nap time. The first time I noticed it, we were at the splash park and you started waving to everyone and walking toward the car!
  • You got your 4th molar!
  • Your pace is really a run more than a walk now.
  • My little stacker - you can stack 9 blocks high now!
(We built the base in the photo below - you stacked the top 9)
  • The last 45 minutes of the evening is spent in your room. We read books and say our prayers. I always end with the same book - You Are My I Love You. You used to sit with me while I read this to you. Now it is your cue that it is bed time. The minute I begin reading it, you point to your bed! I never thought I would see the day that you would tell me that it is time for bed!
  • Your dance moves have advanced to include clasping your hands together and moving them up and down. You also like to move your right arm up and down - I call this your gansta move. 
  • You had a little growth spurt this month - you are now as tall as a cheetah ;)
Communicating: You are really trying to talk to us! Everyday now we have conversations. Of course I don't ever know what we are talking about, but it is the best sound in the world listening to you! You have so many new sounds coming out of your mouth - some I can think of off the top of my head are "baby", "be-shu", and "bam". The declan-speak, jibber-jabber, what ever you want to call it is just the best!
    What you love:
    • Climbing up the slide - I am amazed at how well you do this! You always go for the biggest slide at the park and climb up the entire slide! My little dare devil!
    • The phrase "oh man" - you double over in laughter whenever you hear it! One night in the bath you laughed so hard you had tears coming out of your eyes. You were throwing your alphabet letters out of the bath one by one. Each time you did I said "oh man"! I haven't seen you laugh so hard - ever! The next day we were watching Toy Story and a character said "oh man". The laughing started all over again!
    • Your new golf set - I love the sound effects when you hit your golf balls!
    • Meet the Colors -this is definitely your favorite "Meet the" video. Especially the coloring book part. You point and start talking to us whenever it comes on.

      Wednesday, August 25, 2010

      Dec's Diatribe - Video

      As of late, Declan is "talking" quite a bit! Apparently Daddy chose the wrong video today and Declan let him know!

      Every time he starts chattering, my heart skips a beat. I just love listening to his sweet little voice telling us something. Although we can't understand, it always seems to be very important!

      Monday, August 23, 2010

      Simple Sunday -Video

      Yesterday Adam, Declan, and I took advantage of the fabulous weather and went to the beach. I think it was our first official family beach day this summer! Declan had a lot of fun - especially when his dad took him much deeper than mom usually does!
      I took some video because I wanted to record Declan's funny sounds that he makes while he is at the beach. He is jibber-jabbering a lot more lately and I feel like before long we will hear more words and not as many fun sounds. His little sounds just melt my heart.

      Wednesday, August 18, 2010

      Love to Daddy from AZ - Videos

      Hi Daddy! I am having so much fun in Arizona with Mimi and Pops! But, I miss you so much. Mom says you miss me too and she says there will be extra rough housing this weekend to make up for lost time. I can't wait! We've been very busy here! It is sunny and warm during the day with awesome thunder and lightening storms in the evenings. Mimi is having fun showing me off to her friends. Tonight we went to a party where I danced, ate, and got lots of attention from the guests! I'm sure you have been curious as to what I've been up to, so I thought I would show you!

      First of all, Mimi and Pops surprised me with this great car! I feel so cool in my new ride.
      We've spent a lot of time at Talking Rock. I love swimming in the pool there.
      I also like going to the gym. This place has the best toys!
      My favorite was the toy that made the ground move!

      Mimi made me finger paint out of flour and water. At first I just wanted to eat it, but after awhile I got the hang of painting!

      Today we went to the airport to watch the planes take off. You know how much I love airplanes, so I'm sure you can imagine how great I thought this place was.

      Mommy told me that you went golfing and shot an 83 on Tuesday! Mimi and Pops bought me a set of golf clubs. I've been practicing a lot, but still have a lot of work to do before I can play with you! But, I am very good at driving the golf cart and playing in the bunkers!
      Here is a video of me practicing my golf  "swing".

      I love running around on the golf course and sliding down the sand!

      I have been talking a lot this week! Non-stop jibber-jabber! Mommy calls it "Declan Speak" and wanted to make sure you heard some of it:

      Just a few more random pics from our trip. Most of them are of me playing outside. You know how I love the great outdoors!

      I was obsessed with the score card!

      We miss you and can't wait to see you tomorrow night :)
      XOXO, Mommy & Declan

      Tuesday, August 17, 2010

      That's How He Rolls

      On Friday evening we met our friends Casey and CJ at a Concert in the Park near our house. It was the perfect night for this because prior to leaving, Declan kept standing at our front door waving (this is his way of telling us he wants to go otuside). The park was the perfect place to let Dec run off some energy! We sat near a grassy hill where lots of little kids were rolling down and running around. The perfect setting for Declan:  kids + grass = Declan's heaven.

      After running around with Dad for awhile, Dec noticed some kids rolling down the grassy hill. Of course he wanted to give it a try! But, instead of rolling down the hill, he would run down and then once he was at the bottom, lay down and kind of pretend to roll. It was hilarious!
      Dec's version of rolling down the hill:

      I truly do not know where the kiddo gets all of his energy. I thought he would be tired from our morning at the Bay with Ellie, Lola, Cassidy, and Micah. I didn't take very many pictures because Declan was running all over the place. I was excited to go to the bay in lieu of the beach because it is usually easier to watch him. But, not today! Declan was full of adventure - checking everything and everyone out!

      The only picture I caught of the 5 little rascals!

      Thursday, August 12, 2010


      One of our favorite qualities about Declan is his audacious personality. But, in the last couple of weeks his courage has reached new heights - quite literally. The kid is climbing on furniture we didn't think would be a threat for awhile. He is pulling items off  tables and as I write this right now he just climbed up onto Adam's desk and tried surfing on the keyboard! Yikes! The conversation Adam and I keep having is we love Declan's tenacious spirit, but what are we going to do?
      To illustrate my point - today Declan and I were running errands and had an hour to kill before nap time, so we stopped at the Botanical Gardens to check out the outdoor model train. Immediately Declan found this tree and started climbing it - no fear! 

      Oh, and he loved the model train! So much in fact that after awhile I pulled him away from the train and directed him toward a water feature in the park, thinking he would appreciate the change. He loves water after all! Nope! He ran right back to that train and that is where we stayed for the remainder of our outing!

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