Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bay Play

We usually head to the beach on Thursdays, but today we headed to the bay instead. Jaimie made the suggestion and what a good suggestion it was! At the beach I barely sit down because Declan is always running to the waves, at the bay he can play in the water without me worrying!
Cassidy and Michelle are back from the East coast so we got to catch up with them too!

The three amigos! Micah, Dec, and Cassidy
I wish I had caught a picture of Cassidy's hair today! It is long enough for a baby pony now, and Cassidy was sporting one today! Adorable!
The Aquatics Center camp floated over on a bunch of sail boats and catamaran's - quite the sight for the little ones to observe! The camp counselors were nice enough to let us use one for a photo op!
Dec really wasn't about the boat as you can see in the picture below.
Micah on the other hand looked like a natural sailor! Micah stole my heart today. Every time I sat down, he walked over to me, grabbed my hand and said "up!" He wanted to play! What a sweet little guy. He is getting very good at identifying Declan too. He calls him "Deca". Love it!!
As we were packing up to leave, Micah decided to taste the sand. Dec was very interested in what his friend was up to!
I can't wait for our next bay play date!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Sleepover

This week Declan had his first sleepover! Cousin Zack spent the night at our house and what an exciting couple of days it was! The theme of the 48 hours was sqeeze in as much fun as possible! We started off Monday by heading to the Splash Park in 4S where we met up with Jaimie, Josh, and Micah.
After splashing around for awhile the boys played at the park and Josh taught Zack how to skateboard! The kiddo was a natural!
Dec & Micah wanted to join the fun!
After pizza at Leucadia Pizzeria and an afternoon nap, the boys headed outside to play. I thought Dec was going to fall over when he woke up from his nap to find Zack  still at our house. He started laughing and bobbing his head. So cute! Outside Ivan and Sushi were working on a lemonade stand  - Zack & Dec joined the fun. Of course I bought some lemonade from them - fresh squeezed ( no water or sugar, just real lemon juice - wince!)
That night we made Pazookie and Zack stayed up late watching Transformers with his Uncle Adam (Dec had to go to bed-poor guy).

The next day we headed to Legoland!
First we visited Miniland
Zack suggested a game of miniature golf - brilliant!
Zack teaching Dec how it's done.
Dec's turn!
"Mmmm - I think it's easier to throw it in the hole!"
After lunch we headed to the SeaLife Aquarium
And then home :( 
We had so much fun with cousin Zack! We can't wait for his next visit!

Monday, July 26, 2010

16 Months

My Favorite Moments: I couldn't choose just one...or even two for that matter. Here are my three favorite moments: 1. Watching you watch the dolphin show at SeaWorld. I was expecting to have to take you outside, never dreaming that you would not only sit through the whole thing, but enjoy it so much! I will never forget the look of wonder on your face. 2. I have talked about the boys in our neighborhood a few times in the blog. You have become fast friends with Ivan, Sushi, and Colton. So much so that we are starting to get knocks on our door, asking for you to come out and play! One night after emptying the tub following your bath, I walked into your room to see your naked behind peeping out from under the curtains at your window.  I heard Sushi, Colton, and Ivan below being goofy trying to get you to laugh. It worked! Your little legs were running in place and you were cracking up. It was so cute to see only your bottom half reacting to your friends silly actions! 3. One night around 8:30, your dad and I heard a thump, thump, thump. We couldn't figure out what it was! We looked outside - nothing! We walked upstairs and realized you were kicking your legs on your crib. In addition, you were talking to yourself, making the sweetest sounds. We just sat outside your door listening. This was new for us, usually you are either sleeping or crying in your crib - never playing! What a treat to hear these soft sounds!

Growing Up:
  • Your sleeping pattern has dramatically changed this month! You are taking 3 hour naps, going to bed at 7:30 and sleeping until 7:00am (through the night)! I feel like you are going through a growth spurt. I have never seen you so tired. In fact, we stopped giving you rice cereal before bed! You no longer need it!
  • My little builder - you have become so good at stacking your Mega Block Legos. It is one of your favorite games with dad (I helped with the base in the picture below).
  • I debated whether or not to talk about this next item. For a couple of months we have been working on letter recognition.  We watch Meet the Letters in the evenings before bed, play with the letters in the bath, and point them out in books. I can't be 100% sure, but it seems like you are beginning to recognize some letters. A few times you have pointed to D, H, O, S, P and A when I asked you "where is the _(letter)___". Only time will tell if it was just a coincidence.
New Things You Love: Corn on the cob, puzzles, SeaWorld, and books! You have always had an interest in books, but it seems like it increased dramatically this last month. You love picking out books, bringing them over to us and sitting in our laps. If I start to read to you and you aren't sitting in my lap, that won't do for you! You come over and nestle right in. Your dad and I both love it! Lately your favorite books are ones that have real photos in them. You like to point to pictures and listen to me tell you what the picture is. Sometimes I ask you where items are and you are pretty good at identifying some of the pictures. You especially like identifying "things that move" (i.e. airplanes, tractors, trains, trucks, fire engines, etc).

Communication: This month we started watching Meet the Shapes and you love it! We play with your shape puzzle as you watch the show. While we were watching one day you picked up the oval puzzle piece and said "oval"! You aren't very aggressive with words, so when you do say one, it is pretty exciting!

We love you so much son. You make every day special with your fun loving personality and spectacular laugh. We are so lucky!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Music at Moonlight

This evening we took advantage of the free concert at Moonlight Beach - it was great! Atomic Groove put on quite a show with dancing and great songs that ranged from Sweet Home Alabama, the Jackson Five's ABC, and even some Shania Twain!

It wasn't a big surprise to see Emma getting her groove on! The girl can dance!
Here's a picture of Dec dancing to Stayin' Alive. Just kidding! He's pointing to an airplane ;)

I took Emma and Dec closer to the band to dance. It wasn't long before Emma was front and center watching and imitating the fly girl's moves!
 When we weren't dancing, the kiddos were busy playing in the sand. Zack, Emma, Lily, Dec, and Micah kept themselves very busy digging holes, and moving sand!
What a fun summer evening! The sun even decided to come out!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Friendly Fish

The weekend started out right with a trip to Birch Aquarium with  my good friend Tracy, along with her husband Chris, and their 5 month old daughter Katie, visiting from Washington. Our original beach day was nixed due to this bummer weather!
Dec and Adam watching the shark feeding!
Myself, Dec, Tracy, and Katie - I just love Katie's red hair and blue eyes!
Dec and Adam

Adam and Dec checking out the whale fountain at the entrance
The best part of the day was finding out Chris and Tracy will be moving here (hopefully in the near future!!)

The Boys

Micah and Declan just crack me up! The interaction between these two is just precious!
On Thrusday Micah and Jaimie met us at the Carlsbad Inn (where Mimi and Pops were staying) to hang out at the pool and go to the beach.
After the pool, Micah and Dec had fun chillin' on the lounge chairs.
At the beach, Dec knew his friend was thirsty so he offered him some water!
And on Friday we all went to Kidsville in Poway. Kidsville was definitely our least favorite of the indoor play places. But, the boys still had fun hanging out with each other!

Declan loves his trains!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Grandparents Are Great...

...for so many reasons! Declan is lucky enough to have 3 sets ;) This week Mimi and Pops were in town for a short visit. As usual they spoiled us! We went out to dinner at 3 awesome restuarants: Karl Strauss, 333(named for the 333 vodka drinks offered), and Las Olas. All were great, but 333 was our favorite and a nice surprise.
Adam had a tough day at work, but all worries went away when he tasted his rib eye! His report - just as good, if not better than Ruth Chris!
Even though we were all stuffed, we made room for ice cream!
A walk on the pier is always fun - especially when someone is swinging you!

A few more highlights from the week

Future boogie boarder

A kiss for Mimi

Thanks for another great visit!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Splashing Around Town

Lucky us! This week we went to two splash parks! 
On Monday we met up with Misty and the girls for a play date at the 4S Ranch splash park.
Katelyn, Samantha, Kady, Declan, cousin Lily, and Jacob
Lily was hanging out with us on Monday. I had so much fun watching the difference in play at the splash park between Dec & her.
Lily loved buckets! I think she found and filled every bucket at the splash park!

Dec on the other hand was up to his usual mischief with shoes!

Most of the day the two cousins were running in opposite directions, but I was able to snag this pic with both of them in it!

To tucker the little ones out, we ran up the big grass hill and down again!

And had fun on the swings!
And on Tuesday we met Katie and Amelia at Sunset Park. Of the two parks I think that 4S has a better splash park, but Sunset has a better park (probably one of the best parks I have been to).

Little Amelia loved to splash!

Dec loved his splashes too ;)

Two fun days!
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