Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The New Children's Museum

Jaimie and I took the boys to the New Children's Museum today. This place definitely soared to my top 5 favorite children's to-dos in San Diego. Wow! It is called the New Children's Museum because there is always something new to do- not because it is new. I'm sure we will be making a return trip this summer.

Playing at the cash register
Riding a horse in the barn - as you can see below, Declan loved bouncing on these toys.
Hanging out at the puzzle table
A new discovery! We don't have a toy like this at home, so I have never seen Dec's ability to do this. He successfully slid three of the circular wooden pieces through the  stick!
Time for arts & crafts! Our little Picassos!
Such concentration!
Oh my! What a mess. Lucky me - I wore white shorts today!
Check out these cool carts!
The Rain House
Inside the Rain House holding the biggest puzzle piece he's ever seen!
Felt art - much cleaner than paint!
I should have taken a picture of the outside of this. Declan is standing inside a replica of the Trojan Horse! Very cool!
Last, but certainly not least! Bubble time!
Mmmm! Tasty soap :)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekend Warriors

Last week was a deliciously quiet week. I felt like I was fighting a cold, so we kept our obligations to a minimum. This worked out well since Mimi and Pops were in town visiting. We enjoyed their generosity and went out to dinner almost every night last week - my kitchen stayed clean for 3 whole days! It was awesome! 
 Dec loves his Mimi so much he wouldn't let go of her to take the picture! He is squeezing her tight! So cute...
 By the time the weekend rolled around, all of our resting caught up with us. It was time to exert some energy! Mimi stayed with us over the weekend and enjoyed some of the summer fun. On Saturday we went to the splash pool at the YMCA - one of Declan's favorites. An hour at the pool gave us a spectacular afternoon nap!
And on Sunday we ventured out to the beach with the Kid Team to celebrate Uncle Len's birthday. These kiddos are always a crack up!
Getting all 4 to look at the camera is always a challenge!
The big hole kept this group of beach bums entertained for quite awhile!
I have to give the California girlies a little blog time here because they look so darn cute in their bathing suits!
Mimi with Dec
Double Trouble!
PB & J Pals!
Just another day at the beach ;)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mr. Popular - Videos

The other night we arrived home from a delicious dinner at Karl Strauss (thanks Mimi & Pops!) to find the neighborhood kids playing in our driveway. As soon as we stepped out of the car, Declan was bombarded with kiddos wanting to play!

Immediately Sushi, Colton, and Ivan took his hands and walked with him around the neighborhood. Not wanting Declan to feel short, they squatted down and walked around with their knees bent. Declan thought this was the funniest thing and could not stop laughing!

Well, all of his laughing spurred some very silly behavior. The kids started acting goofy just to get Declan to laugh. It was hilarious. The kids even got a few laughs out of me. What a fun evening! Check out the footage in Sushi's garage below:

I think Declan believes he is 6 years old, not 1!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fifteen Months

Where did my baby go? You are 15 Months old today!

Stats: A visit to the doc yesterday revealed some interesting stats. You are now just shy of 32" in height (75th percentile) and weigh 21.16 lbs (10th percentile)! The 10th percentile!? Your dad and I got a kick out of this! The kid who never stops eating is in the 10th percentile for weight. What an irony! I think this probably is because you never stop moving - ever! My busy little boy :)

Growing Up:
  • You started signing a lot this month and attempting to communicate your wants more aggressively.
  • You have three new teeth - all molars! Yikes!
  • We took you on an airplane for the first time, out of the country for the first time, and on a boat for the first time! I'm pretty sure you loved all three firsts.
  • Your dancing skills became apparent - every time music is on your head starts bouncing and your feet start moving! Each time you do your dad or I comment on how we will never tire of it.
  • You're honing those stacking skills and are now up to six blocks. I love watching the concentration on your face when you stack.
  • Identifying - when I ask where my nose is you point to it, as well as my eyes. Every once in a while you also correctly identify my mouth, but were not as consistent with this facial feature yet! When I ask you to point to characters in books (e.g., the word-bug, the caterpillar, "Swimmy", and Corduroy" you point to them. I love watching your expression - so focused. After you point you always look at me for confirmation - it is so cute!
Communication: The signing situation at our house is out of control! I was hoping to post a blog  entry about this before your 15 months post, but just didn't get the video in time. Hopefully soon. Anyway, it all started with signing "more". It was about a month ago that you started signing more, and now you don't stop! You also sign when you're all done or finished with something by swiping your hands together, and you tell me when you are hungry by putting your finger to your lips. A few days ago you started squeezing your hands together when you want something. I didn't teach you this - you just took it upon yourself to create your own sign! I love the initiative!
      It amazes me how much you understand right now. When I say "Declan, let's go outside" you stand up and walk to the front door! I just love the communication and can't wait to see what/how you will communicate next month! As far as words go, you said "book" a couple of times this month, and you say "more" as you sign more...only is sounds like "mar".

My Favorite Moment: Your dad and I got a good laugh out of this. When we were in Punta Cana the waiters brought pieces of fruit out to the pool during the hottest part of the day. One day I gave you my piece of fruit. Well, of course you wanted more - and we didn't have anymore! When I didn't produce anything after you signed "more" to me, you walked around to every person laying by the pool and signed "more"! What a character!

What You Love: Anything that has to do with water - the beach, splash parks, the pool, the hose - you name it! You are a water baby! You love hanging out with the neighborhood kids, dancing, pointing to airplanes, petting puppies, playing in Mimi's car, and reading books!

As I started this post, I looked back on your fourteenth month post as a jumping off point. Well, reading that post made me realize how much you have grown. It's amazing how one month goes by so quickly, yet when I look at your growth it seems like a year has gone by. I love and cherish every minute with you Declan and if it's possible I grow more proud of you each day. Thank you for being the wonderful, happy little person that you are. You have enriched our lives more than you can ever know.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cookie Monster

Growing up my mom always made the most delicious homemade cookies. She was known around the neighborhood as "the cookie lady" because there was always a fresh batch of cookies at our house. She definitely passed on her love for baking to me. Last week I was making cookies and of course Declan had to see what was going on in the kitchen. Anytime something is cooking on the stove or I have the mixer on, he stands below pointing and making lots of noise. So, I picked him up so he could watch the dough turn. I should have been more aware of what was on the counter. Exhibit A:
He immediately put his hand in the canister that holds flour, took a huge handful and shoved it in his mouth. Upon which he quickly blew it out all over me! What a mess! Oh well! The flour all over his face made for a cute picture! He looks so innocent. Those big brown eyes saying "What flour mom?" 
The finished product!
Mmmmmmm! Worth the flour mishap :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all of the awesome dads out there (especially our awesome dad, Adam)! We celebrated Father's Day today with the Abbotts at Legoland's new Water Park. Lots of fun in the sun!
Father & Son
 The Dads with the kiddos
Mike, Lily, Adam, and Dec

Dads doing what dads do best - having fun!

Happy Father's Day!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Whirlwind Weekend!

On Friday we headed North with the cousins for a visit to Pretend City! Zachary, the oldest cousin calls the group "the Kid Team" - so cute! Below is a picture of our little kiddos.
Lily, Emma, Declan, and Zack

Did you notice Zack and Dec are wearing the same shirts? We didn't even plan this!
It's hard to keep up with the kids in Pretend City, let alone take pictures. But, I did manage a few.
Fishing at the "dock" - Emma, Lily, and Dec

On stage
Lily (dancing), Dec, and Emma is working on her costume.
Dec & Emma to the rescue!
Good-bye Pretend City!
G-Mom with the Kid Team (minus Lily who had to leave a little early for an appointment)

On Saturday a visit from Uncle Jeff and Aunt Emily started our day out right! We enjoyed a morning at the beach and a relaxing afternoon. We always love to spend time with Uncle Jeff & Aunt Emily!

 Thanks for making the drive down guys - we love you!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Boyz In The Hood

Oscar, Joey, Declan, Ivan, Sushi, and Miguel

Most afternoons when Declan wakes up from his nap, we head out the front door to see what's going on around the neighborhood. I think I have mentioned before the great group of boys that hang out next door at Sushi's house. Inevitably some of their games spill over into our driveway and we love it! Every day these kids have something new going on - tether ball, skateboarding, selling lemonade - you name it. Since Declan has been able to crawl he's tried to join the fun. Luckily the boys love him and welcome his curiosity. Every time we go outside they say "it's the baby!" and rush toward him. Then they flood me with tons of questions/comments:

  • Why is his hair so shiny? Can I touch it? (They always want to touch his hair)
  • Why does he walk like that?
  • What is he saying?
  • Look how small his feet are!
  • How does he take a bath?
  • Can he climb stairs?
  • Why does he smile so much?
  • His ears look smaller.
  • He used to look like an alien?
  • What does he eat?
I just LOVE these boys! They are so cute! One day they even knocked on our door and gave us a rattle made out of a water bottle and a penny for Declan to play with! Sushi (our next door neighbor) and Ivan are the most protective of Declan and almost act like big brothers. Word on the street is Sushi's getting a water slide this weekend for his front yard. I have a feeling it's going to be a fun summer!

Ivan, Declan, and Sushi

Smooth Moves - Video

Over the past month or so, Declan has become a dancing fool! He loves it!

I especially like his twirls! The video is fuzzy because I had to discretely catch it from a distance. Any time he sees the camera, he stops what he is doing

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer, Summer, Summertime!

Oh yes! The feeling of summer was in the air today! We spent the morning at Moonlight Beach with Michelle, Cassidy, Shannon, and Heather. What a gorgeous day for it! We are so excited, all of our friends that work in the schools are out for summer break - time to play!

My crazy son - I did not have time to lay out the beach blanket before he was running toward the water. I don't think there will be a lot of sitting around at the beach this summer. Not with Declan by my side! We'll be playing in the waves.
Declan, Cassidy, and Heather - a little down time in the sand
Dec & Heather. Heather reminds me of Declan - lots of energy!
A morning at the beach makes for a great afternoon nap!

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