Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pandas & Puppies

What do pandas & puppies have to do with one another? Not a lot actually- except that we saw both on Friday! Friday was Declan's 11 month birthday and what a fun day we had! We went to the Zoo with cousin Lily in the morning for a mom's group activity called Stories on the Wildside. Although, we didn't really end up participating. We kind of just did our own thing.

Here are the cute cousins hanging out in Lily's wagon -
Don't they just look sweet? The irony is, I had to bribe Dec with blueberries to sit in the wagon. He wriggled himself out of the seat belt almost immediately and was climbing all over the wagon. Thank God I had some blueberries - he sat quietly as long as I handed them to him, one by one (I think this is his new favorite food). In fact, he probably has one in his mouth in the picture above. While we are on the subject, let's just talk about Declan and his wriggling for a minute. In about the last week or so I have noticed a transition from baby to toddler boy with a mind of his own. We have never really had a problem with him and his car seat - all of a sudden we do! Every time I get close to putting him in it, he begins screaming and arches his back so far it is nearly impossible to get the belt buckled. The kidlet does not like being confined in anything. He wants to climb & explore and do his own thing! I cannot lie, although I love his audacious personality, lately I find my patience being tried.

Okay, more about our day at the Zoo - below is a picture of Dec & Lily visiting the sea otter. It's hard to tell, but the sea otter is in the middle of the picture, to the left of my reflected camera flash. As you can see, Dec didn't really care about the sea otter. The look on his face is one of pure panic..."Mom, where is my next blueberry?"
Onto the Pandas! Declan was definitely into the Pandas. Below he is giving the Panda a double wave - his highest sign of affection.
Now let's talk about puppy love. Friday night we went over to Cassidy's for pizza and playtime. And play we did! It is so adorable watching these two because they are so close in age & play so well together. Look at Declan pushing Cassidy on her toy - so cute! They look so grown up.
"Here Dec, the phone is for you." Declan is looking for Cassidy's puppies, Drake & Maffalie. There was a time when Dec was about 7 months old that he didn't really like dogs - he seemed very timid around them. But, in the last two months he really has taken a liking to them.
Throughout the entire evening, Dec would come back to the gate looking for Drake & Maf. He kept giving them hugs (pictured below) and when they gave him kisses back he would laugh so hard he would fall over. Mmmmm...could a puppy be in our future?

Friday, February 26, 2010

11 Months

Declan, you look so dapper in your 11 month pic!
The suspenders and cap really do the trick!

When I put it in writing, it seems too concrete-
11 months of your life are now complete!

Inevitably, as each day passes by,
I grow more attached to you little guy.

This month all three of us got sick and there was so much rain,
But, we managed to have fun - from this we cannot refrain!

We were busy with birthday parties, a train ride, and more...
A puppet show, wild animals, and the park by the shore!

Lately, your communication skills do nothing less than astound.
You point to what you want and make different sounds.

I love to listen to you jibber-jabber while I'm driving the car
It entertains me, especially when traveling far.

You're saying "dada" now, and it makes us both proud.
We've been anxiously awaiting to hear this special word said aloud.

You're good at standing alone and pushing the cart at Trader Joe's
It won't be long before you're walking like a pro.

I will miss the sound of your hand slapping the ground when you crawl
If you want to stop growing so fast, it wouldn't bother me at all!

My favorite time of day is hanging out in your room while you dry off from the bath
The three of us read books and make each other laugh.

Lately you scrunch up your nose and quickly breathe in and out.
This expression of happiness makes us giggle and shout.

You're good at feeding yourself, bringing the spoon from the bowl to your lips.
Although it's not a guarantee the grub will stay put during the trip.

Your organizational skills are simply the bomb -
So focused, you sort silverware, paper, and laundry all day long.

As we embark on your last month of babyhood, I cannot help but feel sad.
It was the best year of my life because of you little lad.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Yesterday I came to the shocking realization of just how much my short 11 months of motherhood has changed me. I decided to forgo a girl's snowboarding trip to Park City so I could stay home with my little guy! WOW!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Three Wishes

The fun never stops! Today Jaimie and I took Micah and Dec to a puppet show called Three Wishes before heading off to Gymboree class. This is a juvenile statement, but Dec and Micah are best friends! They get so excited when they see one another. It is the cutest!

Burning off some energy before the show
Sharing toys-
Waiting patiently for the show to begin! I love how they are both waving with their right hand!
The show
After the show the boys tried stage life for a few minutes!

Later, at gymboree Dec and Micah were playing so cute together in the tunnel. They both entered through opposite ends and met in the middle. They just sat in the tunnel and jibber-jabbered to one another. I wish I had my video camera! What a moment!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Lions, Tigers, and ...

...monkeys, elephants, giraffes, and so much more! Today Misty & the girls hooked us up with a pass to the Wild Animal Park! What a great day! It was overcast all day - perfect safari weather if you ask me! We took advantage and saw just about every animal in the park!

Our little pack of animals:
Holly, Riley, Brandon, Kady, Samantha, and Declan
First we stopped to feed the ducks - Dec is so into birds, this was right up his alley!
Next, the monkeys!
A crowd gathered behind us to look at the monkeys. I think Dec thought they were gathered to look at him. As you can see by the expression on his face, he took the job of waving at the crowd very seriously!
A little playtime at the "Jungle Gym"

Kady & Dec
Holly & Dec
A little off-roading!
Below we are at the giraffe exhibit. Dec and Brandon didn't really care - they were more excited about the noise the sign made when they hit it!
And this was my favorite - the elephant exhibit!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Bunch at Balboa

We are enjoying this warm spell after so many rainy days! We spent President's Day in Balboa Park with Ellie, Lola, and Mateo. Goodness! 4 babies all within about 6 weeks in age - chaos! It was impossible to get a picture with all eyes on the camera! What am I saying? None of them are looking at the camera! The bottle that Dec is holding is Mateo's - it was the hot item of the day. Every one of them wanted that bottle! Dec doesn't even really use a bottle, but he was after it too!
Dec, Lola, Mateo, and Ellie

Dec and Lola are racing!
Looks like Lola won :)
After hanging out in the grass for awhile, we took a train ride! (An aside - Dec is chewing on everything these days - I think those top teeth are trying to push through)
Dec is waving good bye to the people waiting in line.
Mateo is happy as can be- they loved the train ride. It was pretty cool!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Traversing Trader Joe's - Video

Happy Valentine's Day! Here's a little something to make your heart go pitter-patter :) Check out Declan using the "shopper in training" cart at Trader Joe's. I posted three videos because we had so much fun - he is just beyond cute in these!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The "Sweetest" Birthday Party

Aiden, Ella, Henry, Declan, Ellie, and Lola

Today we helped Ellie and Lola celebrate their first birthday! It was an adorable party with a candy shop theme (complete with a candy bar ...mmmm)! Dec was not his usual spunky self today. In fact he hasn't been for a few days now. He has been very clinging. He is also coughing and chewing a lot. I think his top teeth are trying to break through. Those teeth! I think I blame everything on them! Anyway, even though Dec wasn't crawling all over - we still had a great time! Lots of kids to play with, bubbles, and candy - the recipe for a perfect day! Happy Birthday girls!

Declan & Ellie - hanging out

Friday, February 12, 2010

Silly On The Swing - Video

Declan has always liked going to the park, but lately he is absolutely LOVING it! I don't know if it's because he can crawl and climb or what, but it is adorable to watch. He has especially taken to the swing. We have been "parking it" a couple of times this week. Yesterday morning we went very early (7:30am) and had the best time. Below is a video of him swinging. I think you'll see what I mean...

Quite a bit different than a few months ago! On Wednesday we went to the park too. This is when I discovered his excitement on the swing. He was kicking his legs, waving his arms, and just going crazy!

After swinging, Dec met a new friend - Celine. She walked over and gave him a leaf - he thought it was best present ever. Then Celine gave me a leaf - Dec was so bummed! He desperately wanted that leaf! Celine kept handing me leaves and Declan kept trying to get Celine's leaf. Funny how we always want what we can't have! He looks so sad in the picture!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Monkey See, Monkey Do - Video

For awhile it seemed that every week we were hitting some big milestone - there are so many the first year! Lately it has been quieter, although Declan is changing and growing everyday. He has become an expert in "cruising" (no signs of walking yet), and has taken to communicating quite loudly (although we don't know what he is saying). He has developed this adorable habit of scrunching up his nose and breathing quickly in and out when he gets excited (pictured above). But my favorite Declan trend is his mimicking! The other night after his bath, we were in his room - he was shuffling through his books and I was brushing his hair. All of a sudden, he grabbed the brush from my hand and started brushing my hair! Of course the bristles were facing up and only the plastic part of the brush was touching my hair, but I knew what he was trying to do. So cute! He is also way into sorting. Everything has a place - most of it ends up in our bathtub. His favorite thing to sort, by far is laundry. He likes taking it out of the dryer, putting it in the dryer, putting it in the washer, moving it from his right side to his left and back again. It just cracks me up. He becomes very focused when taking on this task:

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dad Is Rad

Poor Dec. Last week Adam was sick, and Declan missed him! For the most part we kept Declan and Adam separated (for obvious reasons), but every time Dec saw Adam he would give him a double wave (he only does this when he is super excited) and reach out for him. I'm sure it was tough on Adam not to play with the little guy. They truly are best buds! This week the two of them are making up for lost time!

On Monday evening we went to the beach and ate at Ruby's on the pier. Below Dec is on Adam's shoulders -
Dear God - could he be anymore excited?
At Ruby's we gave Declan french fries for the first time - needless to say, he loved them!
The pair on the pier
We thought Dec would be into this bird because he loves birds so much, but I don't think he even saw it! Maybe it was too big!
And here are some cute rough house shots -
Their new thing - the backwards piggy back ride -
We are all so glad Daddy's back!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Little Peeps

It was kind of a crazy week with Adam being sick. So I haven't had as much time for the fun stuff - like blogging! Here are a few highlights from the week -

Last Sunday we went to gymboree where Declan spent a lot of time with Mateo. The boys are exactly one week apart and get along famously. Even at this young age, I can see Declan bond with certain kidlets -
"Busy Box" time!
Declan's going in for the hug - this is how I can tell he's buds with the little peep.
And on Thursday Dec & I met Melissa and Isla for a hike. Following the hike, we let the two little peeps play for a bit. Isla is growing up so fast! Already 4 months, and non-stop smiles!
And yesterday after going to breakfast at the Daily News, Adam, Dec, and I stopped by a place called PlayWerks (yes, I spelled it correctly). A mom in the mom's group told me about this place so we decided a rainy Saturday was a great day to investigate. What a find! It's basically an indoor playground with lot's of cool things to do. It was a little too crowded with birthday parties and such, but we are definitely making a trip back there in the near future (preferably on a weekday)! In the picture below, Dec is yelling loudly!
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