Sunday, November 29, 2009

He's Just So Darn Cute!

This blog entry is just some pictures from our awesome, relaxing weekend. The one above is from bath time tonight. He's so cute, I could eat him up! Do you love his do (as in hair)?

And, below is his new sleeping position. He always finds his way to the bumper which is becoming a make-shift pillow. This morning I walked in to find him like this, only he had his knees scrunched up and his bum in the air! Unfortunately I couldn't get to the camera in time.
And here he is talking to himself in the mirror.

This is yesterday watching Finding Nemo - by far his favorite movie. We always hear a few giggles from the little guys when watching Nemo. He's quite comfy resting on the little basketball.

Friday, November 27, 2009

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

My goodness - there is so much to blog about from the last 24 hours, so I'll just jump right in!
Yesterday we ate a yummy Thanksgiving dinner at the Abbott house with the Herkert side of the family.
Below is a picture of the four cousins in their Thanksgiving threads:
And later that evening a Pajama Party! Oops, we forgot to bust out our Christmas PJ's. New parent oversight :)
This morning we woke up and daddy fervently worked to put up all the Christmas decorations (including the outside lights). Declan and I assisted from the sidelines.
And my favorite addition to the Christmas decorations this year...Declan's stocking of course!

Later in the afternoon, we headed down to Del Mar to visit Sarah, Declan's babysitter at Free Flight. It's kind of an exotic bird park where people can board birds, or donate birds etc. Sarah, passionate about all animals has worked here since she was 15. It took Dec awhile to figure out the birds, but once he started petting them, he didn't want to stop!

Sarah, Declan, and the bird is Peanut. It says "Hello Peanut!" You can see the look on Dec's face - he is really trying to figure out what all the squawking is what these bird things do. This is when we first arrived.
This bird, Ms Kitty loved Adam. She didn't want to get off his shoulder. She would stay up there, make her feathers stand up, move up and down and squawk. It was hilarious!
Declan's warming up to the birds!
Here he is petting Ms Kitty
No Dec, just pet, don't grab her head!
Next we ate an early dinner at the Fish House before we headed off to our Holiday of Lights Hayride!
Here we are at "Santa's Pub" getting a hot chocolate and cookie before the Hayride started:
Declan knew we were doing something exciting and new! He loved all the lights everywhere. Do you like his little Santa hat? He certainly does! He shakes his head back and forth to feel the little fuzz ball move. So funny!
On the hayride, Dec's looking at the lights and chewing some hay. He's mesmerized! I have to admit, when they started playing Christmas music it brought tears to my eyes. The magic of Christmas has so much more meaning this year!
Here is what we saw from the hayride - we rode around the Del Mar track and looked at thousands of Christmas lights. It was pretty cool!
What a fun day to kick off the Holiday Season!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

8 Months

Dearest Declan, today is a serendipitous occasion;
Thanksgiving and your 8 month birthday, 2 reasons for celebration!

The highlight of the month was your attempt to crawl.
It won't be long before your standing strong & tall.

You've become king of the house, ruler of the roost -
We've moved furniture to give crawling practice a boost!

Our support in your goals & efforts will never fade,
We'll always be beside you, showering you with accolades.

Lately you're showing signs of recognizing mom and dad,
It melts our hearts & makes us feel glad.

Like when we're playing games on the rug,
And you reach up your arms in search for a hug.

Or when you wrap your little hands around our neck tight,
Before we tuck you in at night.

I know that playing with your parents is a treat,
But you certainly enjoy hangin' with the little peeps!

Your eighth month was filled with events and play-dates;
Including Legoland, birthday parties, and the Wild Animal Park as of late.

Your newest thing is shaking your head "No!"
And you've abated sucking on your big toe. small tear

Now it is the cusp of Christmas time,
What a fun season to spend month number nine!


Monday, November 23, 2009

Wild At The Animal Park

In other words, today we went to the Wild Animal Park! What a group we had too! We started out with aunt Kristin, cousin Lily, Tracy and her bun in the oven, Katie and Ameila, Dec, and myself. Michelle and Cassidy and Molly and Max met up with us a bit later. Quite the crowd! Unfortunately I was not on top of it with the camera today - fighting a bit of a cold, and just didn't have it in me. But, I did get a few pics near the beginning of our adventure.

Kristin, Lily, me, Dec, and Tracy at the entrance
Dec (do you love his hat?) and Cousin Lily
Dec at the petting zoo - he looks like he is going to go for it in this picture, but he really wasn't all about petting the animals. Kind of funny...
Dec & Amelia having a moment catching up. Amelia was giving Dec some hello pats! Dec was more concerned with chewing on the tag of his hat.
Dec grabbing Amelia's cute little face. "Hello friend, do you have any teeth?!"

Friday, November 20, 2009

Mr. Declan

The photos in this blog are some my dad took about 3 weeks ago.
I have been meaning to post them for awhile.
I'm going to use this opportunity to update everyone on Declan stats:

Approximately 19 1/2 lbs & 28 1/2 inches in length

No teeth!

Very close to crawling

Loves hanging out with other kids, laughing, moving, and making noise.
Also likes to lay on his back, and bang his feet against the wall (he's doing this as I write).

Bedtime 7 sharp! Wake time 6:30 ish (although we are struggling a little with this since the time change)

Usually takes about 2 naps a day

Latest food introduction - peas, green beans, turkey, and we are going to try eggs and cottage cheese this week. Although the string beans took a couple of attempts, he hasn't turned away anything yet!

His latest habit - shaking his head back and forth...almost like he's in disbelief. Adam does this same thing. Definitely picking up on dad's idiosyncrasies!

We love this little guy to pieces!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


On Monday we ventured to Legoland with Jaimie & Micah. Thanks for the ticket hookup Jaimie! What a perfect day for Legoland - not a lot of people, the weather was gorgeous, and the boys had a great time!

We started out in "Minitown"-although to Dec & Micah, it was just the right size!
Dec loves looking at water-fountain type structures. So needless to say, this was a very entertaining section of Minitown!

I think we found, THE BEST SWINGS EVER...

Uh-oh Declan! Don't get eaten by Jaws!
"This car is just my size!"
And this, without a doubt was his favorite! The musical fountain - splashing water, bright colors, & music...what more could a 7 1/2 month old want?
Here we are on a storybook ride
And playing at the playground - the boys have so much fun together!
Wow! What an awesome first trip (of many I'm sure) to Legoland!! Thanks Jaimie & Micah ;)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Old Friends & New Friends

We had a fun filled, whirlwind of a week!

On Monday we met up with my friend of 16 years, Tracy Henry who now lives in Washington. We went to high school together and were college roommates. She is here for the month of November for her brother's wedding. She is also pregnant with a little girl, due February 18th - a new friend for Dec!

Tracy's Dad, "Papa Dave" thinking outside the box! He put Dec in a box and pulled him around the floor! Dec had a great time.
After that we went to the park to swing, and then off to lunch in La Jolla -our old stomping grounds!
Me, Dec, Tracy, and baby Henry in the belly!
And on Friday we went over to Gracie Joe's & Alex's house. My good friend Jen (of 24 years!) told me that Gracie Joe woke up Friday morning asking if "baby Ducklin" was here yet! So cute! She loves "baby Ducklin"!

Here are the 3 babies playing. Declan was having such a good time with 2 little ones literally running around him. He was so excited - he kept flapping his arms and laughing!
Off to the park we go!
Gracie Joe holding Dec
And Saturday, was Micah's first birthday! Jaimie (my friend from college...I think it's been about 10 years now!) threw an awesome first birthday party for Micah! It's crazy to think it was about a year ago that I was pregnant with Dec, holding Micah for the first time, and thinking soon I would have a little boy of my own!

Dec saying "Happy Birthday" to Micah in baby language!
Jaimie had a bunch of these sport balls outside on a little putting green for the kids to play with. I thought Dec was going to hyperventilate he was laughing so hard. He loved these things! I think we'll be making a trip to Party City this week to pick some up!

After playing on the putting green, we headed to the front yard for a little bounce house action. I wish I had my video camera with me. Dec was so excited about the bounce house. He laughed so hard, he gave himself the hiccups!
"Maybe that crawling thing will work in here!"
The birthday boy playing golf...his shirt is so cute - it has his name and says "1"!
Jaimie, Micah, me, & Dec

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