Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Missing Mimi-Video

As soon as you think you have this mom gig nailed, motherhood humbles you with a gentle slap to the face! Dec started teething last week - I mean really teething. Fever, tongue thrusting, drooling, runny nose, and thrashing in agony. It was awful. I don't want to scare the new moms out there - from what I understand, it isn't this bad for most people. But for a few days it hurt...all of us! Tip: Hyland's teething tablets. The ironic part is we still don't have teeth! Luckily, my mom was in town. There isn't anything that compares to the comfort and confidence of your mom when your baby is hurting. We had a couple of sleepless nights and she was right there by my side. Thank you mom!
Aside from our teething episode, what a great week we had with Mimi! Dec loves his Mimi, and who can blame him? She is so much fun! The games and soothing activities she thinks up for him are awesome. I feel like I am armed with a new bag full of tricks!
Dec wasn't the only one who had fun! I got to do my long list of things that was put on the back burner for motherhood. I went running without a stroller...aaaah! I was able to go to yoga twice, and had a long overdue pedicure. Adam and I went out with friends and the best part of all is I went shopping! You mom's out there know, going shopping with a baby isn't always the easiest.
Watching my mom with Declan floods me with memories of my childhood. I always knew my mom was a good mom, but seeing her with Dec makes me realize how lucky I am. I know that I am enjoying motherhood so much because I learned from the best!
Thank you for everything this week mom! We can't wait to see you again. My life would be perfect if we lived near one another!

And now for some pictures/video!

This is a video of Mimi getting some good laughs out of Dec. We love that laugh!

Dec is hanging with the big kids at Gymboree watching a video. This spurred a mission to buy the Baby Einstein DVDs for the kidlet. To this point I have avoided them because I am not a big fan of TV, but I caved! Remember that bag of tricks I talked about earlier? Item #1.

Here they are being goofy together - they are truly
in their own world sometimes!

At the lake

At the pumpkin patch...a separate blog to come on this event

Here we are at target shopping for fun stuff for Dec. By the smile on his face, he must know! Also, he just loves sitting in shopping carts.

We brought out some blocks that cousin Jordyn graciously handed down to Dec- he loves them! Thank you Jordyn!

This is one of the many new hats we bought him. Isn't it cute?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lake Mission Viejo

On Saturday (Dec's 6 month birthday) we headed north to Lake Mission Viejo to cool off. Mimi was in town visiting, uncle Jeff and aunt Emily drove down from Long Beach, and Jim and Tanner were in OC from Arizona to run the OC 1/2 Tri. It was the perfect meeting place. I think this will be our last "summer" outing...that is if fall weather ever shows up!

Dec is drinking water from his sippy cup. I'm so proud of him! I started giving him the cup at 4 1/2 months and he loved it - Mr. Independent.

I think we need to wait a few years before Daddy's hat fits!

Cooling off on Daddy's shoulders

Asleep on uncle Jeff

It looks like aunt Emily & Dec are having a serious conversation about life!

Sitting in the travel barrel
Here I am at the same lake with my friend Scotty, circa 1979!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Celebrating 6 Months of Declan!

To watch Declan's 6 month slide show, click on:
Dec's Slide Show

It's been 6 months time
since you joined us on March 26, 2009.

Everyday since I thank God above
for sending us you, a little bundle of love.

Those big brown eyes were alert from the start.
Your inquisitive stare immediately won my heart.

It wasn't long before we experienced a big win,
At 5 weeks you flashed us that gorgeous grin!

A month later, while sleeping you gave us a laugh-
now we hear it all of the time, especially in the bath!

At 3 1/2 months you were a rolling man.
It goes without saying, I am your biggest fan.

Dad gifted you his feisty personality and jovial disposition.
That belly laugh of yours is our new addiction.

By 5 months you learned how to sit.
This was my favorite milestone, you're so good at it!

Your presence makes life so much sweeter-
dinner is more fun with an additional eater.

The past 6 months have gone by too fast -
I need 48 hours in a day to make this time last.

Declan you are so much fun,
we are lucky you are our son.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lovely Lily

On Tuesday we met aunt Kristin and cousin Lily at the library for story time. The cousins were adorable together! My favorite part of the morning was when Lily said "uh-oh!" Too cute!

Lily is showing Dec how to read.
Look at those gorgeous eyes!

After story time we headed to San Elijo park for a picnic lunch. We are looking forward to our next play date Lily!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mommy Movie Monday

Yes, I took Dec to the movies on Monday! We went with Katie, Amelia, Amy, Grayson & Grayson's Grandma Tommi. What a trip - basically a bunch of babies and mom's have free rein in the movie theater. I'll admit, I was a little nervous. I wouldn't call Declan the most docile baby - he's not one to sit still and watch a movie. But about half way through he fell asleep and that was that! I don't think I'll tell him that his first movie was a chick flick - Love Happens (well what did you expect, GI Joe?).

Tommi holding Grayson, Amy holding Dec,
and Katie holding Amelia

Monday, September 21, 2009

Look How Far They've Come

Yesterday we met Michelle, Cassidy, Amy, and Grayson at the RB Winery for some lunch and live music. It was the perfect day for it! Adam was at the Charger game...looks like a rough start for our beloved Chargers.
We haven't seen Michelle and Cassidy for about a month now - it was so fun to see Dec & Cassidy together - they truly have come so far!

Here is a picture of the little peanuts when Dec was 1 week,
and Cassidy was 2 weeks...
...this is them yesterday! Look at them sitting up and enjoying the music! What a difference 6 months make!

Aaaw...Cassidy is giving Dec a little hug

Speaking of coming far, Grayson gets bigger & bigger everytime I see him! He is so adorable - look at that hair!
Amy & Michelle with the 3 little ones

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Scrub-A-Dub-Dub - Video

Declan becomes another man at bath time. Even if he is in the absolute worst mood, the minute he hears the water running he is all smiles and wiggles.

The first video is of us getting ready for the bath. I always lean him over the tub before we put him in - you'll see how excited he gets. Watch his little legs and arms - he doesn't stop moving. I swear he would jump right in if he could.

PS - The little look he gives the camera at the very end just melts me!

The next video is short - it shows his big smile right when we put him in the bath. So cute! I filled the bath way too much so we had to stop videoing and adjust.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bye For Now

Yesterday was Declan's last day hanging out with Chase and June. It was a sad departure - the two of them are the best-est buds! But, for a variety of reasons we decided to have someone come to our house to watch Dec the days I go to work. We'll just have to make sure and set up some play dates with Mr. Chase.

This picture was Declan's first day with Chase and June (about 3 months ago). I should have taken one on his last day too, but forgot my camera -oops!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Smart Babies

On Tuesday we met Amy and Grayson at the Carlsbad library for Smart Babies (through our mom's group). It was very cool - lots of babies, singing, & reading. Declan loved it!

Amy, Grayson (6 weeks now!), Yolanda, Madeline, and Dec

What is this face?
Dec was enthralled with the happenings!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

And So It Begins...

... Declan's first Charger Season! Daddy was so excited on Monday night. He couldn't wait for Declan to watch his first kick off. Unfortunately the mini Charger fan conked out before the game started. The three of us were trying our hardest to keep him awake until 7:15, but at 6:45 we threw in the towel. I guess Dec will have to wait until next Sunday to get a little Charger action!

"The Chargers better win!"

Luckily they did! But by the skin of their teeth, in the last 18 seconds. Phew! Adam would not be a happy camper this week if the Charger's lost.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Miss Amelia

On this gorgeous September day (I'm finally detecting a hint of fall in the air) Dec and I met Katie and Amelia at Batiquitos Lagoon for a walk. It was fun catching up with Katie, & Dec and Amelia are adorable together.

Look how cute the little ones are!
Miss Amelia is just precious, flashing us smiles all day!
My little man

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Not All Fun & Games

I'd say 99% of the time it is fun and games. This morning belonged to the remaining 1%. Declan did not want to go down for his morning nap. Man he was fighting it, and the kid is tenacious! I had to let him cry it out for 50 minutes! It was so painful to listen to, it just broke my heart. Poor little guy.

Would you believe less than a minute before I took this picture he was screeching...not screaming, screeching!
Back to the fun and games! After his long nap (yes, long!) we decided to go hiking in Elfin Forest (I love that in the midst of SD suburbia you can actually find a forest)! It was a great hike - long, steep, and had a view of the Olivenhain Reservoir at the end.

Dec is hamming it up for some hikers we chatted with at a rest stop
The kidlet loves the great outdoors!
We made it to the end! See Olivenhain Reservoir in the background?
A cool stream at the bottom of the hike

Friday, September 11, 2009

Precious Hands

I admit, and I am sure it is obvious through this blog that I am crazy in love with every inch of Declan. But something about his hands just melts me. I love the way he grabs my finger with them and touches my back while he is eating. I love the erratic movement of them as he explores new things (toys, his spoon, his toes). I especially love when he grabs my face with his shockingly strong grip and pulls me toward him. I love that each phase of his growth can be seen by a new movement of his hands. When he was only one month he would hold them above his head in a fist and just stare at them. His latest hand trend is slapping (only his left side). I wonder what will come next?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

He LOVES Sitting

Declan has become great at sitting very quickly! He just loves it - I can only imagine how the change of view changes the way he sees the world! It was only a month ago that he was wobbly, now he sits and plays with his toys like he's been doing it since birth!

I took this picture at Costco on August 27th with my phone. It was the first time he sat in a shopping cart without his infant seat. I had the best time watching his curious big eyes. I actually prolonged my Costco shopping trip so I could watch him. Usually I want to get out of there as quick as I can!
This was yesterday morning. Look how much hair he has!!
He is reading his favorite book (something I picked up during our Costco outing). He talks to this book for 30 minutes at a time!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mr. Independent

We have had the pleasure of dining with the kidlet for about a week now. It sure adds some spice to dinner time! The first couple of nights, I fed Dec a spoonful and then gave him the spoon to play with. Tonight he would not let me feed him - he just kept taking the spoon and feeding himself. He did a pretty good job too (I mean as far as a baby feeding himself goes). I love Palooka's initiative!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Our Thing - Video

I'm not sure when this began, but Declan likes to eat my nose...and my cheeks, and my chin. Basically my face. He cracks me up when he shakes his head back and forth before he goes in for the kill. Where did he come up with this? I just love this kid.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

He's Certainly Sitting! - Video

Well, he's kind of sitting. We've been working diligently and he's pretty good, except when he reaches for a toy. It's a little tougher to keep the balance!

P.S. - I love Palooka's wave at the end - he's such a tough cookie.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Boo! - Video

Although Peek-A-Boo is an age old game, it is
new at the Herkert house...and we love it!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Oxnard Outing

This weekend Dec and I left Dad at home and ventured up to Oxnard to visit Grandpa (Poppy) and Grandma (Dee Dee) at the beach. We had a great time! Dec is so lucky this is where he gets to visit his grandparents. On Sunday we went to the beach (Uncle Jeff and Aunt Emily were there too). On Monday we walked around the harbor, looked at sail boats, and just hung around the house being lazy. Poppy and Dec had a lot of one on one time and it was fun to watch them get to know one another. We can't wait for our next visit!

The group headed off to the beach!
Dee Dee and Dec down by the water
Happy Grandparents!
Poppy & Dec

Playtime with Jeff & Em
Checking out the neighbors coy pond
"The boy" is all tuckered out from a fun day!

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