Friday, February 2, 2018

1st grade rights of passage

My little girl is growing up.

The teeth.

Ugh - I feel like losing the two front teeth just catapults your baby into kidville, right?

At least God gives mother's this interim time after they lose their teeth when the big teeth haven't come in yet and just get to enjoy one last glimpse of their smallness. Because the no front teeth smile is just about the cutest thing in the world!

Those teeth were loose and I knew it was coming, so I made her take a picture before the big change. Two days later the first one bit the dust. 

She does this little set up every time she loses a tooth
The other one was literally left  hanging there without anything to hold it up or keep it in place. 
About  a week later I got a text from her teacher Miss Braun that the second tooth was gone! It made for a very exciting school day to lose your tooth at school!! 

Time for the toothless cuteness!! 
My heart! 

Literally a few days after she lost her second tooth I decided I'd better teach her to tie her shoes. The kids have a fleece blanket project coming up at school where they have to do some tying and I thought it would be much easier for her if she had the hang of tying her shoes. She picked it up in 5 minutes. I had been dreading teaching her and she made it so easy! Check that off the list! I didn't want her to lose her new skill so we immediately went out and bought her some new shoes. We were going to go with a basic Nike because that is what she wanted, when I spotted these adorable Tucker and Tate shoes with interchangeable little emojis that Velcro on.  There is a unicorn, a star, a kitty, an emoji with heart eyes, and peace sign, and a bunch more that I can't remember. But she LOVES them! What a fun new pair of first tie shoes to get!

All the while this was going on I had found through a friend a Daisy troop that seemed like a really good fit for us. Low key, meeting only once a month - we would be the 6th girl. They aren't even selling cookies this year! Wahoooo! Our first meeting with them was supposed to be at a park, but the weather was supposed to be super cold so I offered our house. It was so much fun! We were putting together a birthday bag for an 11 year old foster girl. It was a cool project.
I love this troop because half the girls are in River Place and the other half are in Steiner - they will all go to middle school together. We were delighted to learn one of the girls is Ava, who lives near us and Lexi and she sometimes play at recess.  It was definitely one of those meant to be feelings! 

It was a whirlwind week and a half! Our little girl is growing up so fast! 

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

January Exploring

Despite the extremely cold weather we had in January, we tried getting out whenever we could to explore the city. I'm not going to lie. We were definitely cooped up more than we are used to and it started to get to us. The kids fought more than I've ever dealt with. This is new territory for me. Usually they are all pretty easy going with each other. Now I realize it had so much to do with the fact that we were out and about so much. But I keep telling Adam, we all have to give each other plenty of grace and not over analyze anything too much. We are still finding our Austin groove. 
Luckily, we had a few warm days and were able to enjoy them outside. 

Our best January find: this park, literally down the street and less than a mile from our house. How did we just now find this? I don't know. I see a lot of summer days with our kayak down here. I've already put in a paddle board request for mother's day. I mean seriously - a rope swing onto the river???? I just about fell over. 

 He has to do everything big bro does

 Apparently rivers have seashells too!?

 He found a kiddo to throw the ball around with!

Nathan and Lexi had been dying to show Daddy the Thinkery. So we went on a Sunday. Naturally it was crazy crowded, so our time there was relatively short. 
Um, hello awesome garage light! I want to come back here just for a photoshoot. 

 These two spent the entire time sorting vegetable and playing in the market. We were hard pressed to drag them away. 

We also had it on our list to show Daddy the Zefer train. Nate was so excited to sit next to him! 

The sun was a little too much for Declan

 My toothless cutie

A game of hide and seek and chase in the park

Nate and I explored the downtown library for the first time and were absolutely blown away. I think we went there 3 more times in January after this - a couple of times with Amy and LuLu for story time and then we took the big kids and Daddy one Saturday to show them (no pics). Declan and Lexi were actually totally pumped about it! 
No doubt the prettiest, most memorable library I've ever been to. 

 The best part was this incredible deck. 

 A warm afternoon warranted an impromptu stop at the park. ☺

 Starbucks date on cold winter mornings! 

And that about wraps up our January adventures! 
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