Monday, July 17, 2017

Grandpa and Grandma with the Fireworks

We usually head up to Grandpa and Grandma (also known as DeeDee) with the fireworks for the 4th of July weekend. Makes sense since they are the "firework" grandparents. But because of beach camp this year and the day the 4th of July fell on, we decided to try for another weekend in hopes of avoiding lots of traffic on the way up. 
So, the kids and I went up a couple of weeks later. Unfortunately Adam had to stay back and work. 
But, the kids and I had a GREAT time!! Also, I think I  may have mentioned this is the potty training post, but Mr. Nathan rocked both the 3 hour drive up and 4.5 hour drive back without wearing a diaper and less than a week of potty training under  our belt! I was so proud of that kiddo!!

The afternoon we arrived it didn't take us long to head down to the park to burn off some energy! 

 Then we scooted over to the sand dunes - which the kids LOVED. A new adventure for us at this beach! 

 Declan and Nathan decided to roll down the hill. Lexi on the other hand, decided to stay clean and just run down. 
 Grandpa is so much fun!! 

 Homeward bound

That night Dad, Carie and I stayed up until 2:00am chatting and catching up! It was so much fun. It made me so sad we don't live closer.

The next day Grandpa and Grandma suggested a day of miniature golfing. The kids were so pumped about this idea! 
The batman car was all the rage while we got situated with clubs, balls, and such. 
 And, here we go!
 This is how a 2 year old golfs! 
 Declan was the most into it. He took the game very seriously and with each new hole, ran ahead to see where the ball ended up before he began hitting it. Very strategic. Lexi also liked it, although she wasn't as avidly into it as Declan. I even suspect she was a tiny bit bored near the end. Although she has brought up the day numerous times since we got home saying she wants to go again. Nathan loved it. Eventually he would just run his ball up to the hole and PROUDLY throw it in. Gotta love that kid! 
 Concentrating very hard here. 

 This photo right here pretty much sums up Nathan

 After miniature golf, the big kids went with the grandparents to the bumper boats - which they loved. I kept Nate entertained. ☺

 We spent a lovely afternoon at their BIG,wide beach ♥

 The kids enjoyed some downtime
 And, their good friends/neighbors brought over some delicious cupcakes for the kids! 

Grandpa kept finding photos of animals online and teaching the kids how to draw them. They loved this activity. It kept them entertained for quite some time! 
 The last morning I was able to meet up with a photographer friend, Kate who was in town from Texas! It was so much fun chatting away while the kids stayed with Grandma and Grandpa!!

What a fun, memorable summer trip up to Grandpa and DeeDee's. We always have so much fun up there. I need to note that Declan is always hugging Grandpa and touching his bald head. It is so cute.  It just warms my heart. 

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Potty Training...for the last time! 🚽

I did what I always do with potty training with #3 - I gave it a try a few months ago, and realized I (not Nate) wasn't ready to commit. I've done that with every single kiddo. It's like my little warm up. 

The thought of potty training hung heavy over my head this Summer. I knew I needed to get it done. I used the fact that he was learning to swim as an excuse to keep putting it off. Didn't want to overwhelm the poor little guy (eh hem, and me too). Plus I could NOT find two consecutive days when I knew we'd be home to really teach him.

Then, one weekend I realized Adam had to work all day Saturday, and I had a newborn shoot all day Sunday. Boom. Two consecutive days (July 8th and 9th for the record). Even though he was in the middle of swimming, we decided to give it a go. I worked with him all day Saturday. Set the timer every 30 minutes and off we went to the toilet. It was ridiculously easy. Not one accident. He was more than ready to make the switch out of diapers. The next day Adam took over with just as much success. I have to add that Declan got the stomach flu during my day of potty training. And despite being very busy with clean up and laundry due to that...we still did not have an accident! 

Monday - the true test. We had planned a day at the bay with friends. I was a little nervous, but fully committed now. And Nate killed it! Again, no accidents! 

Fast forward a few days later...we were driving up to my dads - a three hour drive. Adam urged me to use a diaper. But, I decided not to. Again, fully committed! And, that kiddo killed it! Not an accident - not even an emergency. The same thing happened on the 4.5 hour drive home (due to traffic). After that little trip, I knew we were good to go.

Never have I had it so easy. I didn't even have to bribe him with potty treats. We even skipped the little training potty and just used the regular toilet. I am so proud (and grateful) of him!!! It's only been a couple of weeks and he's already graduated out of diapers at night.

Let me tell you - it was an exciting trash day for Adam and I when we ditched the changing table and diaper genie. It's basically been 8.5 straight years of diaper changing for us. 

And now we are finished. I haven't looked back. ☺

What a STUD.

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