Sunday, September 30, 2018

Adventures with Nate

You know I love a good adventure with my guy! With any of my kiddos actually! It is my happiest place. I plan on making the most of my last year with my last kiddo at home before he enters grade school. Here are some of our highlights from September! 
Chelsea texted me early one morning asking if we wanted to meet up with Ryder at a kids place - I can't for the life of me remember the name. I didn't take any snaps of the 2 boys together (probably becaue I was too busy chatting), but took a couple of Nate while we waited for our friends to arrive. Nate had so much fun here - lots of indoor slides and play structures. It was a good morning. Plus I got a lead on a new hair girl - still struggling with that part of our move. Keeping my fingers crossed!! 

The next weekend was Ryder's birthday party! We had a great time playing with his toys, swimming in the pool and of course taking a bat to the pinata! 

Life with mom includes errands...but at least I let him hang in his PJs and we find cool space ships in between the boring stuff! 
Downtown exploring and adventures in the SeaHolm District! ☺♥

 To the library to return some books - checking out the people below waiting for the bus

 The most amazing reading room ever! 

 We found the outside of that cool room

 We found old, abandoned train tracks in the middle of the city, right next to the new Google building. I think that is the coolest juxtaposition. 

The Thinkery - he'd been asking to go, which I LOVE! So after a quick trip to the DMV, we dashed down there for a very fun morning of thinkery exploring! Call me crazy but I love everything about this place, starting with the cool parking garage. ☺

 Only in Austin - they love their air streams! 

 Bummed the cool umbrellas are gone, but digging the festive colored balls hung between the trees. 

 We started outside at the park and then moved inside. 
Love this face!

 Time to play! 

 This section reminds me of that kaleidoscope area in downtown San Diego

 We'd never really played in this room before because it is always so busy, but we got lucky this day and had such a great time! 

His favorite part of the thinkery! 

 We ended the day with a treat at the cafe next door. 

We went paddle boarding on Lake Austin a couple of times. I love that access to it is literally right down the street from our house! 

Rainbow Face 🌈
Bubble Boy! 

And that's a wrap on September adventures with Nate! It was a good month! 
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