Friday, March 24, 2017

Declan's 8 year old interview

How old are you turning on Sunday - 8
What is your favorite toy to play with - my basketball hoop
And you got that for? My birthday present (a little early because it is kind of hard to hide!)
Who are some of the kids you like to play with? Preston, Dennis, Kal-El...What about non school friends? Zack, Lily, the cousins, Isla, Jacob (of course he forgot to mention every kiddo that is coming to his party! 😳
What is your favorite sport to play? - football and basketball
What is your favorite sport watch on TV? - football
When are you happiest? - when I am bowling and playing video games
Will you get married one day? Yes
How many kids will you have? 6 (love this!)
What would you like to be when you grow up? A train a ref (this is new to me...are sports taking over trains????)
When are you most proud of yourself? When I am the best kid in class (earlier this year a 4th grader who had Mrs Zimmerman as a second grade teacher informed Declan that Mrs Zimmerman told her that Declan was the best kid in the hasn't left him. He'll bring it up to me every now and then, like he still can't believe it). 
What is your favortie color? - green, black, red, and dark  blue
What is your favorite food ?- pizza
What is your favorite TV show?- Transformers
What is your favorite book? - Magic Treehouse (series)
What do you want to learn now that you are 8?  About the galaxy (he's obsessed with outer space)
What is your favorite thing about Nathan? - because he likes me
What is your favorite thing about Lexi? - because she likes me
What is your favorite thing about Daddy? -he is a funny person
What is your favorite thing about Mommy? - because you love me the most.  For the record, this answer absolutely killed me. I am so glad he knows how much I love him.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

a special visitor!

At the beginning of March I got a text from my Aunt Laura asking if we were busy mid-March - Jordyn had some time off school and with her mom's cool new job, she has flight benefits so could come for a quick visit!!! Wahoo!! I'm so glad it worked out. It was great seeing her, if only for a couple of days. Of course the kids were ecstatic!

The kids were in school for most of her visit, but Nate and I had fun  entertaining or guest!
We took her to our favorite breakfast spot, shopping, and our favorite beach park.

 "higher momma!"
The next day was St Patrick's day and a Friday, so I pulled the kiddos out of school and little early - I wanted them to have some time with her! We decided to go to the Flower Fields. It was a spectacular day for it! Absolutely perfect weather and no crowds. 
 The stamping - their favorite part!

 This one just wanted to run in the muddy ditches, naturally his younger brother followed suit! 

 We had the whole park to ourselves! It was awesome!

 We even looked for 4 leaf clovers and didn't find any (the odds  are 1 in 10,000 by the way). The fact that we didn't find one combined with the fact that the leprechaun got away in the morning just frustrated Declan to no end. 
 Even though it was kind of cool, we took sandwiches to the beach to dip our toes in the water. ☺ 
We played chase to stay warm. ☺

And, a few random cell phone pics from her stay.

And, just like that she was gone! But, how lucky we were to see her for a few days, our beautiful jet-setter cousin! 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

🍀 almost caught! 🍀

Oh my goodness. The drama the leprechauns caused this year in our house. Absolutely ridiculous! 
The Saturday before St Patrick's Day we were on a hike, and started talking about how the kids wanted to design their leprechaun trap this year. Since we had an empty Saturday afternoon, we decided to go ahead and make it when we got home. I love it because they thought of and did everything on their own. It was completely their project and they all worked so well together on it. The only thing I did was tape the rainbow to the top for them. 

 The creative process got a little crazy...

They discussed the trap all week, until it was finally time to set it up.
In which case, Declan directed me to rig a trap that would fall from the ceiling. ☺ And then the proceeded to get every last shiny item out of their rooms. It really was something to watch the three of them putting this thing together. It absolutely cracked me up! 

The note says "Money and trophies for the leprechauns"

And just in case you can't figure it out, here is a nice little explanation from the creators!

St. Patrick's Day morning was just as entertaining as the night before! 
Lexi and Nathan were completely excited by all the shenanigans the leprechauns pulled, Declan was just obsessed with finding out if he caught one. And was soooooo disappointed when he didn't. I mean, he was in the WORST mood. Until, we discovered that a leprechaun went to the bathroom after we had already investigated in there. And so, we determined there must be one running around the house somewhere! And so, the trap must have worked! Needless to say, it was a busy morning. 

The mess of picture frames is always a favorite for the kiddos
 Shamrock necklaces hung everywhere!

 Lexi loved the rainbow and shamrocks on the window, the boys were more excited about the donuts and chocolate milk

We were so excited to discover this! It meant a leprechaun was still running around the house somewhere, because only 10 minutes before the water was clear! 
The hunt was on!

 Where is he?????
 We never found the little guy. Maybe next year? It was such a busy morning, I forgot to take a picture of the kids before we left the house. So here is one of later that day. (Lexi is covering up the green in her rainbow on her shirt). 
My little leprechauns! I'm lucky to have them. 

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